hippo mother and child

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hippopotamus Breast Milk (FYI It’s Pink)

TweetHippos may look like cute, cuddly, over-sized mushroom pillows, but we all know that they are actually bloodthirsty animals that are basically like stampeding elephants with less wind resistance. It shouldn’t surprise you then, that there are a lot of other interesting facts about the hippopotamus species, starting with the fact that their breast milk is pink. No, you didn’t read ... »

mascara bulge benefit

WTF Spotting: Who Uses Penises To Sell Mascara?

TweetI have to be honest, when I watch this mascara video, I am not even sure what I’m looking at. In it, “sexy men” with huge bulges prance around turning women on, then pull mascara out of their crotch, which in turn excites the women into a frenzy. Benefit Cosmetics made this internet commercial for their mascara line, based on the idea that women get aroused by mascara that s... »

lonely unicorn costume

Top Five Procrastination-Worthy Things on the Internet

TweetOne of the greatest things the Internet has ever given us is the gift of procrastination. You can argue with that if you want, but I would be willing to bet there is something else you are supposed to be doing right now, instead of reading TheLuxurySpot. Obviously, procrastination is our bread and butter, so its our job to make your time-wasting worth it, so I gathered the top 5 procrastinati... »

people of walmart

Top Five Most Awesome People of Walmart Photos

TweetThere is nowhere in the world that makes you feel better about yourself than Walmart. If you are ever having a fat day, a bad hair day, or just a random afternoon where you feel depressed about the exorbitant amount of money you have spent on shoes, take a trip to your local neighborhood Walmart. Beyonce is such a saint, she even recycles her old wigs. Shown here: Michelle Williams, former De... »

unflattering photos of barbie

Five Unflattering Photos of Barbie

TweetEveryone always talks about how perfect Barbie is, but I beg to differ. First of all, she has no vagina. Any guy will tell you that no matter how attractive a woman is, without a vagina she isn’t worth her weight in tampons. Second, she has no nipples. I’m pretty sure it’s written in the bible that the nipples are the eyes of the chest. Nipples are a focal point, and without... »

What Happens When You Google North West

What Happens When You Google North West

TweetI am forever fascinated by social media, technology, and pop culture’s ability to change society and the way we live. It seems as though Kimye has managed to change geography and its connotations for the next generation – a subject that’s seemingly exempt from the influence and knowledge of reality TV stars. By now, their baby and its compass-inspired name have become about ... »

anti pervert hairy leggings china

Awkward Spotting: Avoid Chinese Perverts With Hairy Leggings

TweetNormally we are super impressed with the random innovations of the people of Japan, but apparently China has decided to follow suit. Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk in China wearing a pair of shorts, and felt objectified by random perverts? I know I haven’t. If you ever find yourself in such a hairy situation however, don’t fret. Slap some hairy leggings on, and prowl... »

mean gurlz mean girls spoof

In Ghetto Fabulous News: Mean Gurlz

TweetEveryone knows that Mean Girls is one of the greatest cinematic accomplishments of all time. Tina Fey is a national treasure, and Mean Girls will always serve as a great anti-drug PSA. All you have to do is show your kids the movie, then Google a current picture of Lindsay Lohan’s face and they will never touch a particle of cocaine in their lives. The glory of Mean Girls, however, has ... »

sushi cats

WTF is a Sushi Cat?

TweetThe Japanese are really good at making pointless, kitschy creations such as condom ice cream,which is great because it gives me something to make fun of. They have proven this yet again, with sushi cats. I have never been there, but I imagine living in Japan is like floating around a Katy Perry music video, except that nothing makes sense (which is saying something, since Katy Perry videos ar... »

Male Models and Their Cat Counterparts

Male Models and Their Cat Counterparts

TweetMale models and cats have a lot in common, if you think about it. They both appear condescending, even if they aren’t. They both serve no real purpose except to look nice, and lay around in the sun. Also, they both like to put their butts in your faces. (Maybe that’s just me?) Here is a string of male models and their cat counterparts, for your viewing pleasure. [ via ] Related Po... »

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