late for a meeting weird video

WTF? Two Minutes of Your Life You Will Never Get Back

TweetI don’t know what this is. I don’t know why it exists. I only know that after spending my time watching this video, entitled “Late for a meeting” I realized I had to share it with the world or risk burning in Hell for all eternity listening to that mother-fucking gangnam style song. When watching this video, the only things that come to mind are that someone made a rea... »

smartphone panties

Your iPhone is Naked Without a Pair of Panties

TweetYour panties act as a barrier of protection for your vagina against foreign bodies (especially French ones). Panties protect your most valuable parts from the outside world and come in a variety of fashionable colors and patterns to please the eye. You extend this courtesy of panty protection without even thinking, and yet the truth is that your vagina probably isn’t even worth as much ... »

extreme eco fashion

A Jacket Made Out of Bacteria, and Other Extreme Eco-Fashion

TweetAre you the type of girl who only washes her hair after it gets so greasy it could take out all the sea creatures in the Gulf of Mexico? Do you ever go barefoot on a hot summer day because you think it will decrease your carbon footprint? Do you live in Williamsburg? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are probably a pretty eco-conscious girl, and should consider dressing the p... »

addicted to coffee

How to Tell if You Are Addicted to Coffee

TweetI have never had a cup of coffee. I will let that sink in, while I drink my morning screwdriver in peace. Even though I skipped it, drinking coffee in the morning is a routine that seems to come with growing your first pubic hair and moving out of your parents’ house. Its a quintessential part of being an adult (which actually makes sense since being an adult holds no appeal for me). Es... »

practical unicorn accessories

5 Legitimately Useful Unicorn Accessories

TweetUnfortunately, when it comes to unicorn accessories, there is a lot of fluff out there in the world. God, I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. If you think about it as a serious unicorn enthusiast though, it’s true. Who really needs a headband with a crocheted unicorn horn attached, or a t-shirt that says:”Unicorns are stupid- said nobody ever” which is actually... »

dumb marriage laws

Five Dumb Marriage Laws

TweetI used to think that the whole idea of marriage was stupid, because I can’t even seem to commit to a hairstyle, let alone a living, walking, dick with a brain. Then, I came close to marrying a foreign man and it changed my whole opinion on the matter, because I realized it might not be so bad to share my life with someone. Nowadays I am more open to the idea of binding myself to someone... »

inappropriate halloween costumes

Top Five Totally Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

TweetHalloween is steadily approaching. For girls, this means it is time to come up with the skankiest costume you can find, and then hope it isn’t so cold that your vagina freezes over. For gays, this means it is time to come up with the skankiest costume you can find, and then hope it isn’t so cold that your penis inverts into your body. I believe the proper name for this costume is ... »

Huge dog

The Nine Biggest Dogs on the Internet

TweetI used to have a dog. She was a tiny shih tzu-yorkie named Buckley (yes, I know I was basically branding her a lesbian with that name), and her favorite thing to do was bark at much bigger dogs to provoke them. One time she even got in a fight with a dalmation en route to Fire Island. She lost, but that isn’t the point. Even though she was a tiny dog, she wasn’t that cuddly, which... »

serial killer photos

Can You Tell if Someone is a Serial Killer Based on a Photo?

TweetThe short answer, is yes. Serial killers (at least the ones that are good at their jobs) generally like to blend in with mainstream society. This makes it increasingly difficult to distinguish between a serial killer and a regular, middle-aged man with a comb-over. There are however, subtle signs you can pick up on that will help you tell the difference between someone who cuts people into li... »

Apple Emoji racist petition

Sign This Petition to Prove Your iPhone Isn’t a Racist

TweetApple’s Emoji keyboard has almost over 800 random symbols, from a grinning turd to a fricken VHS cassette. Chances are, no matter what you want to text you can find an Emoji to say your piece, unless of course what you want to say has to do with a black or Hispanic person. There are only two people of color on the list; a super-racist looking Asian guy, and what I can only assume is a c... »

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