drag race lego

Rupaul’s Drag Race Contestants as Lego People

Rupauls drag race legos. »

vladimir putin scented candle

A Vladimir Putin Scented Candle

A candle that smells like a Russian dictator. »

star wars sex toys

Star Wars Sex Toys: um, yup.

Star wars sex toys. »

bark box

Treat Your Dog to a Bark Box

TweetMan’s best friend finally has a monthly subscription service called ‘bark box.’ Doesn’t it kind of seem like everything has a monthly subscription service? BirchBox sends men monthly care packages to suit all their grooming needs, RocksBox sends women jewelry monthly (which should be synced to their cycles, if they are especially enterprising), and now BarkBox sends out toys, trea... »

robot blowjobs

The Robotic Blowjob is Now a Thing

TweetThe Autoblow 2 aims to replace traditional blowjobs with a robot. I think that the world can agree that blowjobs are one thing you can never have enough of. Everyone, even the old President of the United States has engaged in some blowie action here and there, so it was really only a matter of time before technology found a way to replicate it. The Autoblow 2 is an electronic robot that mimic... »

gun laws and dildos

Gun Laws and Sex Toys: Texas Students Protest

TweetIn opposition to a concealed gun law passed in Texas, students are carrying around dildos. Gun control is totally a hot topic nowadays, especially given the string of horrific school shootings, and the presidential election coming up. A few months ago, the University of Texas passed legislation that allows students to carry concealed guns on campus. Meanwhile, students aren’t allowed to engag... »

werewolf muzzle

How to Turn Your Dog Into a Werewolf

TweetThis muzzle turns your friendly dog into a fierce werewolf. I used to have a dog. She was about a foot long from head to tail, and went with me everywhere. I used to put her in my backpack with her head sticking out for long subway rides, even though at the mere scent of another dog she turned into a ferocious zombie Doberman from Resident Evil. Even though she had balls bigger than mine, her... »

alien sex toys

Alien Eggs in Your Vagina?

TweetThe newest trend in sex toys is laying alien eggs in your vagina. I have watched a lot of porn in my day, including a few videos from a certain area of the world we will call Japan, that involve cartoon aliens having sex with cartoon women, and laying eggs in their cartoon baby-makers. While I can’t say that I find this sort of thing sexually stimulating, I don’t judge other people on their f... »

reuse sex toys

How to Re-use Old Sex Toys

TweetFive clever ways to reuse your sex toys. I have never been much of a sex toy person, mostly because the only things I like to stick into any of my holes typically have a heartbeat, a pulse, and a penis. I will not say I’ve never done it though, and I won’t say I will never do it again. Just the other day, my good friend showed me his wide array of butt-plugs, for use when he and his boyfriend... »

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