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Men’s Favorite Sex Positions

TweetThese three moves are at the top of your man’s list of favorite sex positions. Contrary to popular belief, when gay people have sex, they use pretty much the same sex positions as straight people. The butthole, after all, isn’t located that far from the vadge. I will concede that it feels a little different since we have no clitoris, but the logistics are pretty much the same. I know a lot ab... »

united states of sex acts

The United States of Sex Acts

TweetThese sex acts represent all 50 states. If you asked me how sexually experienced I am, I would probably say I have done things that would make the devil’s butthole heal over. That being said, there are still plenty of things I haven’t done, like have full on sex with a woman. Still, it’s on my bucket list, and as I travel the world I can’t imagine that it won’t randomly happen one day with so... »

sti detecting condom

STI Detection Condoms

TweetColor changing condoms can help assist in STI detection– because nobody wants warts. If you have ever wondered if the random bar-fly guido you picked up on a desperate night in Midtown has herpes, now you can find out in the privacy of your own home. Three teenagers of undetermined ethnic heritage named Daanyaal Ali, Chirag Shah, and Muaz Nawaz recently won a TeenTech award for their id... »


Introducing the Condomerie

TweetIf you are looking for condom knowledge, look no further than the Condomerie. I like to think I am pretty knowledgeable about condoms, meaning that I know where to get them, how to put them on, and how to dispose of them by hiding them under something in the trash so I don’t look like a whore to my roommates. Little did I know, however, that there is a vast depository of information about con... »

scary clown escort

America’s First Scary Clown Escort

TweetMeet Sugar Weasel, America’s first clown escort. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a mild clown fetish, but I have never before considered hiring a clown escort. After seeing Sugar Weasel, I am still not considering it but I thought I should definitely share this anyway. Sugar Weasel is America’s first scary clown escort, and has been turning tricks (get it?) since the 90s.  He started... »

blowjob exchange for truck

Woman Trades Blowjobs For a Truck

TweetA woman offers a year of blowjobs in exchange for a truck. I have exchanged some pretty crazy things for sex over the years, but I have never been so ballsy as to try and trade blowjobs for a truck. This woman has more balls than me apparently, because she tried to trade a years worth of blowies for a $1750 truck. If you do the math, it comes out to roughly $5 per blowjob, so she is probably ... »

millennial sex stats

Study Finds Millennials Are Less Slutty Than Their Parents

TweetA new study finds that millennials have fewer sex partners than their parents. Hooray for less slutty tendencies? We live in the age of the hookup culture, so I know you may find this suprising, but it turns out that today’s generation isn’t that slutty. According to a study of 33,000 U.S. adults conducted between 1972 and 2012, millennials average around 8 sexual partners, while Generation X... »

What To Do If You Have Two Vaginas

TweetA Youtube star recently revealed she has a pair of vaginas. Gutter whores around the world are seething with jealousy about learning that Youtube star Cassandra Bankson has two vaginas. The condition is called uterus didelphys, and occurs in utero when the two small tubes that normally join together to form one vagina never fully connect. As a result, Bankson has two vaginas, two cervixes, an... »

smallest penis in brooklyn

Photos of The Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Contest

TweetPhotos from the 2014 Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant. I am no stranger to crazy events held in tiny bars in Brooklyn, but I can honestly say I have never been to the Smallest Penis in Brooklyn Pageant. The second annual event drew a crazy crowd at Kings Bar in Bushwick, focusing on awarding the guy with the smallest dick a glitter encrusted penis crown. A New Delhi native/advertiser named ... »

sex and health

Healthy Reasons to Have Sex Every Night

TweetAs it turns out, having regular sex is good for your health. Here are a few healthy reasons to have sex every night: In the best news ever for college frat boys, it turns out that regular sex is really good for you. I don’t know why anyone who isn’t Catholic would be surprised by this, because sex feels so great that it must be good for you, right? I finally understand how I have managed to s... »

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