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fertility switch

A Fertility Switch That Turns Your Sperm Off?

A fertility switch for men. »

x rated historical facts

X-Rated and Gross Historical Facts

TweetThese gross historical facts will liven up your day at the office. If you really stop to think about it, no matter what era we live in, there have always been murderers, whores, perverts, and sex. I kind of feel like it was just better hidden back in the day, if even for the simple fact that it couldn’t be recorded. Probably because there was no internet to expose everyone and everything, but... »

hot male body parts

Five Hottest Male Body Parts Ranked by Women

TweetAccording to surveyed women, these are the hottest male body parts. I know what you’re thinking; if I have to rank the hottest male body parts, the first three are going to be penis. So in order to stop me from just repeating the word penis over and over again, lets take dick out of the equation. When it comes to the male anatomy, I think women and men probably have different ideas on what co... »

sex myths

Sex Myths to Stop Believing NOW

TweetThese sex myths need to be put to bed, immediately. There are lots of sex myths out there that are too crazy to be believed. I never actually thought I would grow hairy palms if I masturbated, and I’m pretty sure nobody actually believes that you can’t get pregnant at night since the sperm are sleeping. That being said, there are plenty of myths that people still adhere to, such as the idea t... »

sexual orientation

Ten Sexual Orientations You Probably Haven’t Heard of

TweetSexual orientation is much more complicated than gay, straight, or bi. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on sexual orientation, but as a gay man I have come into contact with a lot of different ‘appetites’. I have met men (who identify as both gay and straight), that lust after trans women (we used to call them tranny chasers). I have met trans women who only dated trans men (the perfect s... »

robot blowjobs

The Robotic Blowjob is Now a Thing

TweetThe Autoblow 2 aims to replace traditional blowjobs with a robot. I think that the world can agree that blowjobs are one thing you can never have enough of. Everyone, even the old President of the United States has engaged in some blowie action here and there, so it was really only a matter of time before technology found a way to replicate it. The Autoblow 2 is an electronic robot that mimic... »

gun laws and dildos

Gun Laws and Sex Toys: Texas Students Protest

TweetIn opposition to a concealed gun law passed in Texas, students are carrying around dildos. Gun control is totally a hot topic nowadays, especially given the string of horrific school shootings, and the presidential election coming up. A few months ago, the University of Texas passed legislation that allows students to carry concealed guns on campus. Meanwhile, students aren’t allowed to engag... »

Dentists Use Sex Dolls for Practice

TweetSex doll technology has been re-appropriated to help train dentists.  Sex dolls and dentists are arguably two of the creepiest things that exist. There is nothing stranger than sticking your genitals into a silicon robot, except perhaps allowing a total stranger to use power tools inside your fucking mouth. That is why it comes as no real surprise to me that the two industries have collided. ... »

The Handjob Cabin- The Only Scary Movie Trailer You Need

TweetHandjobs really are the worst, aren’t they? Horror movies are probably my favorite genre of movie. It stands to reason also, that horror movie spoofs are my favorite type of spoof. But do you know what is not my favorite? Hand jobs. This fake trailer for a fake horror movie that needs to get made if there is any justice in the world is about a sexually frustrated ghost that goes around giving... »

anal objects

Five Strange Things People Have Put Up Their Butts

TweetThese five things have actually gotten lost in people’s rectums. Because anal objects = a total thing. A Buzz Lightyear action figure. What was wrong with Woody? Call me a traditional type of girl, but the only thing I like in my butt are penises. I’m not going to lie and say that nothing else has ever found its way up there, but I really believe you should respect your holy b-hole, and refra... »

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