The Handjob Cabin- The Only Scary Movie Trailer You Need

TweetHandjobs really are the worst, aren’t they? Horror movies are probably my favorite genre of movie. It stands to reason also, that horror movie spoofs are my favorite type of spoof. But do you know what is not my favorite? Hand jobs. This fake trailer for a fake horror movie that needs to get made if there is any justice in the world is about a sexually frustrated ghost that goes around giving... »

anal objects

Five Strange Things People Have Put Up Their Butts

TweetThese five things have actually gotten lost in people’s rectums. Because anal objects = a total thing. A Buzz Lightyear action figure. What was wrong with Woody? Call me a traditional type of girl, but the only thing I like in my butt are penises. I’m not going to lie and say that nothing else has ever found its way up there, but I really believe you should respect your holy b-hole, and refra... »

german birth certiicates

Germany Will Allow a Third Gender Option on Birth Certificates

TweetGermany will soon be the first country to allow parents to decline choosing a gender for their baby, offering official ‘transgender birth certificates.’ I know I’m not alone in saying this, but I am really excited about the way the world is responding to the transgender movement right now. Shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, movies like TransAmerica, and people like Laverne Cox and Cai... »

worlds filthiest man

The World’s Dirtiest Man

TweetThe world’s dirtiest man hasn’t bathed in 60 years. You can call me a clean freak if you want, but I bathe at least once a day. If there is even the slightest chance that I might get laid, I also shave my entire body, including my balls, every time I shower. This may seem like a lot of maintenance, but luckily I am part Asian so my body is about as hairy as a tile floor. An Iranian man called... »

penises at puberty

In This Village, Kids Grow Penises at Puberty

TweetThere is a village in the Dominican Republic where kids grow penises at puberty. We talk a lot about strange medical conditions here, but this one might take the cake. In the village of Salinas, Dominican Republic there is a condition called ‘guevedoces’ which literally translates as ‘penis at 12’. In this village, many boys are born without penises, and raised as girls until they develop pen... »

female body photos

Totally Provocative Photos of the Female Body

TweetNew photo series focuses on the unpleasant realities of being a woman. I know this may seem uncouth, but I have to say that I am happy to be born a man. I feel like I get the best of both worlds since I get to enjoy penises, but don’t have to wear bras, bleed every month, shave my legs and armpits, deal with sore boobs, or live in a world that doesn’t value my contributions as much as a domin... »

25 Subway People New Yorkers Hate

TweetRiding the subway comes with it’s own list of down-sides, including these 25 people. Riding the subway during rush hour is one of the worst things a New Yorker can do. Riding the L train during rush hour is one of the worst things a human being can do. Living here for 7 years, I have oodles (yes, oodles) of horrifying subway stories, from being sexually harassed by homeless people, to peeing ... »

shocking sex facts

8 Sex Facts That Will Shock You

TweetStrange sex facts that you probably don’t know. I like to think I know a lot about sex, but every once in a while I am hit with some new information that shocks me, because: Internet. Even though I have had my share of sex, there are still a lot of things I don’t know, like how it is physically possible to fit an entire fist up your ass, and why people seem to find Zooey Deschanel attractive.... »

keith haring restroom mural

The Keith Haring Bathroom: Most Valuable Restroom in America

TweetThe Keith Haring Bathroom in NYC: As the site of Keith Haring’s last major mural, this bathroom is probably the most valuable one in America. I don’t know about you, but I like to be distracted when I am in the bathroom. Nowadays I will look at my phone for hours on end, but back in the day I would read magazines, books, or even the back of shampoo bottles while enjoying a little restroom alo... »

big penis disability

Man Claims Big Penis is a Disability

TweetApparently, having a big penis isn’t always a good thing. Maybe I am just a traditionalist, but I raised to believe that having a big dick is a blessing. A Mexican man, who claims to have the world’s largest penis, doesn’t agree with me. Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 52, claims to have a penis that measures 18.9 inches. His huge schlong scares women away from having sex with him, hangs below his ... »

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