how to express hatred

Five Creative Ways to Tell Someone You Hate Them

TweetBeing able to tell someone you hate them is a necessary skill, especially when you are a bad ass bitch. I don’t hate many people, but I do keep a list. In order to earn my hate you have to do something very specific and personal to me, otherwise you will just fall into the categories of “extreme dislike”, or “People I would pussy punch in a heartbeat” It isn’t often necessary to tell people y... »

hot guys versus smart guys

Hot Guys Versus Smart Guys

TweetI have always debated about whether I prefer hot guys or smart guys. Both types of guys have pros and cons, and I find that I often choose depending on where I am in my own life. If I am single and just want to have fun (i.e. sex), I go for dumb guys. If I am looking for a more permanent relationship, I go for dumb guys (I like to be the smarter one). If I am not looking for a relationship, b... »

Four Ways to Hide a Fart From Your Boyfriend

TweetIf you are lucky enough to be in a long-term relationship, chances are eventually your boyfriend is going to realize that you fart. I know most girls pretend like they don’t, but at the end of the day we are all human. There is definitely something to be said for keeping some mystique about yourself, but if you have ever shared a hotel with your man, chances are he knows what’s up, and is jus... »

Dita Von Teese’s Tips To Seduction

TweetWhen it comes to the art of seduction, Dita Von Teese knows no bounds. A year or so ago, I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Dita Von Teese walk a runway in a 3D printed dress. Let me tell you something, I have never been more attracted to a woman before in my life. There’s something about the way the professional seductress carries herself that makes my sexual walls crumble.  READ MO... »

reasons to be a bitch

Five Acceptable Reasons to be a Bitch

TweetI am of the mind that you never really need a reason to be a bitch. This may be because “bitch” is one of the first words that comes up whenever anyone tries to describe me. It is a fact of life that everyone has their bitchy moments, but most people who fall under that label refer to themselves as “honest”, “independent”, or “menstruating.” My point is, there are several times in life when i... »

sharkbait bathing suit

The Only Swimsuit You Will Need This Year

TweetSince Mother Nature decided to bitch-slap us yet again with a cold front, I thought it might be a good time to start fantasizing about the summer months. Typically, my bathing suits barely cover my crotch, but I know a lot of women out there read what I write. I present to you: The Sharkbait bathing suit, also known as “the only bathing suit you will need this year”. The reasons this bathing ... »

winning an argument

Five Reasons To Let Your Boyfriend Win an Argument

TweetI have been known to be kind of competitive in my personal life. I am the type of person that never really gets in arguments, mostly because I have convinced everyone in my life that I am always right about everything. On the off chance that I do get into a tiff with a friend though, I know when to admit I am wrong, when to stand up for myself, and when to just let them win. Straight relation... »

extreme selfies

Five Extreme Selfies You Shouldn’t Try At Home

TweetI will admit it, I am not that good at taking selfies. You might find that surprising since I am so devilishly handsome, but I am actually not that photogenic, and I have short arms like a tyrannosaurus rex. You should also probably steer clear of my pores for fear of being sucked in and assimilated into my body like a fucking angler fish. Some people are experts at selfies, though. The peopl... »

dick pic funny

Dick Pic Etiquette: The Ins and Outs of Taking and Sending Penis Photography

TweetEveryone (even gay guys) like a good tit pic, but dick pics are an entirely different story. Tit pics can be appreciated for their aesthetic quality, lighting, and overall beauty. Dick pics serve only three purposes: to try and entice someone into slapping a beej onto said dick, for girls to share with friends and incite pride at the elasticity of their vaginas, and to make fun of. Even as a ... »

monster in law

Three Examples of Real Life Monsters-In-Law

TweetIf you ask me this in public I will never admit it, but I actually like the movie Monster-In-Law despite the fact that it involves Jennifer Lopez in an acting role. The idea of a monster-in-law began way before Jenny left the block however, and has deep-seated roots in history. Most of the married women I know can’t stand their mother-in-laws, and vice versa. The reason for this, is that moth... »

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