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Parenting Advice From a Gay at Home Dad

Parenting advice from a gay man. »


Is Phubbing Ruining Our Relationships?

TweetPhubbing = the art of snubbing your relationship for your phone. I talk a lot about how technology is ruining relationships, but that’s only because it totally is. In fact, you are probably reading this post on your phone or tablet right now while your boyfriend sits beside you, nursing his frigid heart by looking at selfies of Kylie Jenner instead of giving you all the attention you need, de... »

How Avoid Finding Love on the Internet

How Avoid Finding Love on the Internet

TweetI had a medium-length talk with one of my friends from high school yesterday about why she never seems to find decent guys from her internet dating pursuits. I asked her to send me screenshots of her OKCupid and Match profiles, just so I could see if maybe an outside opinion on photos/text might help. While her profile wasn’t as bad as the one below, it did help me compile this list of ... »

crazy woman names

Crazy Woman Names and Their Meanings

TweetIf your name is on this list and you are a female, you are probably crazy. First off, I don’t take credit for this list of names, because I didn’t make it up (thank you, Buzzfeed, yet again). This list is thought to have been compiled as a result of a study of women who commit crimes or something, but it’s The Internet, so who really knows? What we do know is that it should serve as a caution... »

slang words

Words and Phrases to Ban in 2015

TweetThis list of words needs to be banned from the English language starting in 2015. Slang words come and go, it’s a fact of life. There are some words that I hate so much I cringe every time I hear them, such as epic, FAIL, and totes. There are some words I actually use myself, such as jakes (an abbreved version of J.K.), henny (an urbanized gay version of honey), and toads (the correct version... »

What Does Homophobia Mean, Actually?

What Does Homophobia Mean, Actually?

TweetWhat does homophobia mean, actually? This breaks it down:   Being from the south, I am no stranger to homophobia. I will never forget the time I went to Winn Dixie and bent down to grab something on the bottom shelf, and some rednecks in full-on camouflage couture gaped at the thong that was peeking out of my jeans. In my defense, it was the 90s, in Florida, and whale tails were a thing.... »

sex in the ocean

Five Reasons Not to Have Sex in the Ocean

TweetThere are many reasons not to have sex in the ocean, the least of which is that you may get stuck together. For those of you who troll The Internet like a Japanese businessman at a Manga convention, you may have recently seen the article about the couple getting stuck together while having sex in the ocean. For those of you who haven’t, you are reading it now. An Italian couple, looking to ha... »

The #1 Reason You Should Stay in School

TweetThis Australian PSA offers a very compelling reason to stay in school.     When I was a teenager, I obviously skipped a lot of school. I never quit though, because I didn’t want to be trapped in the shitbox I grew up in. I didn’t know at the time that college would be a complete waste of my time, but it got me out of the Florida panhandle, so I guess I should just shut up and be tha... »

Paris Best: Beauty Secrets

TweetIf you’re like most women around the world, you’re probably wondering about those French beauty secrets. …and why wouldn’t you? Parisian women especially live up quite the reputation: having perfect skin, shiny hair, and slim silhouettes. Their perfection is pretty overwhelming…which is why I’ve put together this list of five, simple beauty tips from the Pa... »

drive me crazy funny

How to Drive Someone Crazy

TweetCreative ways to annoy the people in your life. There are a great many reasons to want to drive someone crazy. Maybe your ex-boyfriend wasn’t attentive enough, and you want to teach him a lesson. Maybe your sister is a total bitch that doesn’t deserve to get married before you do, and you want to get her worked up. Maybe someone just annoys the shit out of you, and you can’t put your finger o... »

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