dog lovers

Dog Lovers Versus Dog Parents

Dog lovers versus dog parents. »

body images

NSFW Nude Photo Series of Normal People Promotes Self-Love

TweetThis nude photos series aims to help people embrace and accept their natural bodies. Its my opinion that almost everyone has body dysmorphia in one form or another. In this day and age, with everyone curating their lives so publicly to present the most attractive angle, people are hating on their own bodies more than ever, and augmenting with photoshop and plastic surgery until we, as a peopl... »

male trans models

Four Hot Trans Men Pinups

Hot male trans models. »

drag race lego

Rupaul’s Drag Race Contestants as Lego People

Rupauls drag race legos. »

married people texts

These Married People Tweets = ALL Honesty

Married people tweets. »

japanese love story

Husband Plants Thousands of Flowers For His Blind Wife

Man plants thousands of flowers to cheer up wife. »

gay at home dad

Parenting Advice From a Gay at Home Dad

Parenting advice from a gay man. »

Arranged Gay Marriages Are Happening in India

Arranged Gay Marriages Are Happening in India

Arranged gay marriages in India. »

The Hookers For Hillary Clinton Campaign

The Hookers For Hillary Clinton Campaign

Hookers for Hillary Clinton. »

technology addiction

Is Technology Addiction a Real Thing?

Technology addiction. »

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