she sheds

She-Sheds, the Female Alternative to Man Caves

She sheds, the female man caves. »

harry potter nursery

A Harry Potter Themed Nursery

Harry Potter nursery. »

BoConcept Now Offering Free Interior Design Services

BoConcept Now Offering Free Interior Design Services

TweetLife, love, and rent are expensive– but BoConcept is now offering free interior design services so you can breathe. Research shows that 69% of all NYC residents rent their apartments vs owning them, and that means most people aren’t interested in dropping serious cash for pricy interior designers. That doesn’t meant that people don’t want beautiful, chic furniture thou... »

vladimir putin scented candle

A Vladimir Putin Scented Candle

A candle that smells like a Russian dictator. »

floating bonsai trees

Levitating Bonsai Trees

Floating bonsai trees. »

bonsai skulls

Beautiful Bonsai Skulls

TweetThese bonsai skulls are creepy chic. When people walk into my bedroom, one of the things they always say is that my décor is a little dark. I’ve also been told it looks like a hotel room (which I take as a compliment), and that my sensibilities are a little creepy (also, a compliment). So when I saw these bonsai skulls online, my first thought was ‘Do they come in gold?’ and if so, where can ... »

gym selfies

Mens Gyms Are Becoming More Selfie Friendly

TweetGym designers are changing tradition with luxury upgrades for selfie friendly locker rooms. As a gay man, I have been in the ladies room of a JC Penney, so I know that there has always been a huge difference between the sexes when it comes to bathrooms and locker rooms. Women’s locker rooms are outfitted with couches, tables, comfortable seating, and good lighting. Men’s locker rooms look lik... »

abandoned fairy tale castle

An Abandoned Fairy Tale Castle

TweetPreservationists are fighting to save an abandoned French fairy tale castle. I am all about castles. Something about the grandeur of living in a huge stone fortress just speaks to my inner child, and outer materialistic and majestic adult self. Every now and then on Pinterest you read about entire castles for sale for ridiculously cheap prices, but the truth is that a lot of the castles in Eu... »

shipping container homes

Live Off the Grid in a Shipping Container

TweetShipping containers are the most popular trend in living off the grid. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite fantasy is to live off the grid in the middle of the woods, far away from any prancing homos, annoying girls, and horrible NYC people who take themselves too seriously. Anyone who knows me also knows it’ll probably never happen because IFL the Internet. Regardless, fantasies are f... »

luxury bank home

Unusual Houses: Woman Turns Her Old Bank Into a Luxury Home

TweetA Pennsylvania woman turns the bank she once worked at into a luxury home. If you are like me, your dream is to buy a building that would never normally be considered a house, and renovate it into a dream home. My plan is to one day buy a cathedral, and make my bedroom under a huge stained glass window. I love unusual houses, especially in unusual formats. Cathy Calhoun, of Spring City, PA fi... »

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