shipping container homes

Live Off the Grid in a Shipping Container

TweetShipping containers are the most popular trend in living off the grid. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite fantasy is to live off the grid in the middle of the woods, far away from any prancing homos, annoying girls, and horrible NYC people who take themselves too seriously. Anyone who knows me also knows it’ll probably never happen because IFL the Internet. Regardless, fantasies are f... »

luxury bank home

Unusual Houses: Woman Turns Her Old Bank Into a Luxury Home

TweetA Pennsylvania woman turns the bank she once worked at into a luxury home. If you are like me, your dream is to buy a building that would never normally be considered a house, and renovate it into a dream home. My plan is to one day buy a cathedral, and make my bedroom under a huge stained glass window. I love unusual houses, especially in unusual formats. Cathy Calhoun, of Spring City, PA fi... »

sexist 1950s kitchen

An Adorably Sexist 1950s Kitchen

TweetTake a tour of a never-been-used kitchen from 1956. It’s no secret that the 1950s weren’t a great time for women. Women were expected to be subservient to men, and put their vaginas on ice in favor of creating the perfect nuclear family unit, complete with shellacked hairdos, clean haircuts, and children that would inevitably turn to hard drugs in the 1970s. This house, owned by a man named N... »

indoor jungle

Live in An Indoor Jungle

TweetA French Botanist has turned his house into an indoor jungle. Even though I live in New York, I am a really outdoorsy kind of gay. I think it is absolutely vital for humans to commune with nature once in a while, and even though I live in a concrete cage on top of millions of other people, I try to escape into the wilderness as much as possible. Patrick Blanc, a French Botanist is known in Fr... »

small triangle house

The Tiny Triangle House

TweetThis tiny triangle house is proof that you can do a lot with small spaces. I have always been a fan of small spaces, ever since I seceded from my family in my youth, and decided to start my life over living on the top shelf in my bedroom closet. Needless to say that didn’t last very long, but I still appreciate all the tiny houses I have seen popping up on the Internet in the last few years. ... »

Fish Tank Toilet: It’s a thing

Fish Tank Toilet: It’s a thing

TweetIf you’ve ever spent a particularly long bathroom adventure wondering why the water tank behind you isn’t teaming with real fish, good news, the fish tank toilet concept is a real thing. A wild company out in California, AquaOne, will happily replace the standard water tank on your regular throne. The Fish ‘n Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium comes complete with a filtration system... »

5 Faux Fur Pillows You Never Knew You Needed

5 Faux Fur Pillows You Never Knew You Needed

TweetThese five faux fur pillows will add a whole new level of comfort to your Netflix binge watching sessions, trust us. You could opt for real fur, but, with pricetags of $350 and up for the real stuff and knowing you’d be resting your head on a dead animal, we say faux is the way to go. 1. These Restoration Hardware pillows are exactly what your bed has been missing this entire time. Chic... »

12 of the Comfiest Things You’ve Ever Seen

12 of the Comfiest Things You’ve Ever Seen

TweetIt’s cold outside. You don’t want to leave your house, let alone get out of bed. Maybe you should let your online shopping habit get the best of you and and order one of these comfy numbers? Probably. Here are some of the comfiest things you’ve ever seen in your entire life.  1. There is zero doubt in my mind that you would enjoy every single lazy Sunday in your future on th... »

A Bedroom Water Slide: your dreams have come true

A Bedroom Water Slide: your dreams have come true

TweetBedroom water slide action: now possible. Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted was a water slide in your bedroom? Maybe that was just me, but whatever, it’s possible and your life is about to get better just for knowing this exists in the realm of reality. This is a seemingly normal bedroom with a secret slide in the closet (I mean, who doesn’t have something secret in ... »

diy christmas trees

Creative DIY Christmas Trees

TweetDIY Christmas trees for both the incredibly creative, and incredibly lazy. Growing up, I was no stranger to DIY Christmas trees. My mom decided early on that Christmas was the perfect time to get creative, and our trees included (but were not limited to), a pineapple, a stack of green mountain dew cans, and a stick of bamboo spray-painted white. Thus, I am no stranger to funky ass Christmas t... »

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