boiling river peru

There is a Boiling River in Peru

Boiling river in Peru. »


Five Things To Do in Hawaii

TweetIf Hawaii is on your bucket list, these experiences should be too. I have never been to Hawaii, because I am worried if I ever do experience it, I might never leave. I already have brown skin, love the beach, am obsessed with islands, and enjoy ukulele music, so it’s probably a match made in heaven. Even though this winter has been pretty mild, I’m sure we are all feeling a little bit of the ... »

fort jefferson key west

This Abandoned Fort in Florida Must be Haunted

An abandoned fort in the keys! »

Air France Parters with Chef Daniel Boulud

Air France Parters with Chef Daniel Boulud

TweetAir France partners with Chef Daniel Boulud, bringing Michelin-starred flavors to cruising altitudes. For one year starting today, Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud will be the creative culinary boss man of the Air France La Premiere (first class) and business class cabins. His food will be featured on long-haul flights from 11 North American cities, and will feature menus inclusive of ever... »

Terra Jolé: What It’s Like Traveling as a Little Person

Terra Jolé: What It’s Like Traveling as a Little Person

TweetTerra Jolé shares what it’s like traveling as a little person around the world– and it’s not what you’d expect. When I first asked Terra Jolé for an interview about what it’s like to travel as a little person, she was eager to participate, and then quickly sent me a photo of herself sitting on the steps just a few yards away from the literal top of the Cobas Maya... »

Galesnjak Island is Heart Shaped and Adorable

Galesnjak Island is Heart Shaped and Adorable

TweetGalesjnak Island boasts a heart shape and lush vegetation, making it a top destination for adventurous lovers. You love travel, we love travel, and sometimes traveling new places loves you right back– such is the case with this perfectly heart-shaped island in the pristine waters of Europe. The island, which is easily spotted by Google map enthusiasts, is located in the Pasman Channel o... »

european islands

Five Little Known European Islands

European islands to visit. »

port cities to visit

Five Port Towns to Visit Now

Port towns you must visit. »

colombia tourism

Colombia is Named the Happiest Country in the World

Colombia is the happiest place on Earth. »

mendenhall ice caves

Anyone Interested in Fantasy Ice Caves?

TweetThe Mendenhall Fantasy Ice Caves let you experience every stage of the water cycle at once. With all the global warming talk, we kind of have to enjoy the experience of ice while we still can, right? Located in the Mendenhall Valley, only 12 miles from downtown Juneau, the Mendenhall Glacier is a 12-mile-long ‘recreational area’ chock full of ice caves. These fantasy ice caves are special bec... »

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