Customized OREO Colorfilled Packs: Now a Thing

Customized OREO Colorfilled Packs: Now a Thing

TweetCustomized OREO Colorfilled packs are about to shake up the cookie-giving world as we know it. Cookies are delish, the holiday season is delish because giving cookies is the norm, and the only way to improve this is to make the process even easier by not actually baking. Good news, customized OREO Colorfilled packs are officially a thing and all that’s required is internet access and a ... »

street murals

Street Murals Only Appear in Rain

TweetProject Monsoon creates colorful street murals that only appear in the rain. Monsoon season in South Korea happens annually, and it rains for as long as three weeks. I am sure all you curly-haired girls out there just spoke the words ’hell no’ out loud to yourselves, so I will have to give you another reason to visit. Designers in South Korea have found a way to make the gloomy rainy season a... »

how to speak new yorker

How to Speak Like a New Yorker

TweetHow to speak like a New Yorker: these tips and tricks will have you speaking like a native in no time. Talking like a New Yorker just for shits and giggles is one of my favorite things to do. I will never actually adopt the accent on my own, so my version of the dialect ends up sounding like a 54-year-old retired mom from Staten Island who chain smokes and wears floral print polyblends to chu... »

gum wall seattle

Save Seattle’s Rainbow Gum Wall

TweetSeattle officials are trying to clean up the accidental gum wall. I’m not a lesbian, so I have never been to Seattle, but I can tell you that I love anything bright-colored, sticky, or both. That is why I am taking it so personally that officials in Seattle are trying to wipe away their infamous gum wall. The gum wall at Pike Place Market started gaining steam around 1993, when customers of t... »

secrets of manhattan

Five Manhattan Facts You Never Knew

TweetFeel free to impress your next date with these Manhattan facts few people know: I was talking to a friend yesterday about the fact that no matter how long we live in Manhattan, we will never walk every inch of pavement, see every street, or discover all the secrets it holds. Even when you think you have a hold on things, the city has a way of smacking you hard in the face and reminding you th... »

schoolboy beauty pageants

Japanese Schoolboys Throw Cross Dressing Beauty Pageants

TweetApparently, cross-dressing schoolboy beauty pageants are a thing in Japan. I don’t normally say this, but I wish America would take a note from Japan. Every year, at Komaba all-boys High School in Tokyo, there is a beauty pageant for the most beautiful cross-dressing teenage boys. The pageant is part of their ‘Culture Day’ which is held all over the country. As part of the show, boys dress up... »

hummus bar

Jews and Arabs Get a Discount for Dining Together

TweetA restaurant in Israel gives Jews and Arabs who eat together a 50% discount. Unless you have been living under a rock for years, you know about the conflict between Israel and Palestine (insert scared emoji of the millions of crazies on the Internet ready to attack just for posting this article). There have been a lot of efforts to try and quell the tension between the warring countries of th... »

modern day colossus of rhodes

Is the Colossus of Rhodes Making a Comeback?

TweetPlans are in motion to rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes, in Greece. I don’t know if you have ever heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but I am from Florida (the educational butthole of the universe), and I know about it, so you definitely should, too. The Colossus of Rhodes was an ancient statue of the Greek titan-god Helios to celebrate a war victory. The Statue stood at almost 10... »

A Rapping Halloween House

TweetThis rapping Halloween house is the definition of Halloween spirit. I know straight people are all about Christmas and Thanksgiving or whatever, but for the gays, Halloween is by far the best holiday. Not only to do we get to walk around in public wearing next to nothing, but everyone else is doing it too. For once, our walks of shame are greeted with smiles instead of judgmental glares, and ... »

oslo car ban

Oslo: The First Major City to Ban Cars

TweetDowntown Oslo will be completely car-free by 2019. Anybody who ever watched Captain Planet knows that cars are one of the major ways we pollute our atmosphere. I know it would be really easy to just blame Volkswagon for all this, but the truth is, every car, no matter how ‘green’ it is, releases some kind of pollutant into the air. In a bid to try and correct this problem, metropolitan cities... »

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