european islands

Five Little Known European Islands

European islands to visit. »

marijuana mall

World’s First Marijuana Mall

World's first weed mall. »

bacon shot glasses

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Shot glasses Filled with Liquor

Bacon shot glasses. »

Easiest Flower Cocktail Recipe EVER

Easiest Flower Cocktail Recipe EVER

Tweet  Possibly the easiest flower cocktail recipe ever, the Absolut Red Carpet. Aside from being utterly gorgeous, the ingredients in what I consider to be the easiest flower cocktail EVER (of all time, okay?) are completely delish and easy to scoop up just about anywhere. And no, you don’t have to use an orchid… feel free to throw in whatever fresh, clean flowers you’ve go... »

rare white giraffe

Rare White Giraffe Spotted in Africa

Rare white giraffe in Tanzania. »

Jachnun is the Ultimate Yemenite Meal

Jachnun is the Ultimate Yemenite Meal

TweetJachnun is the breakfast carb of Yemen and you’ll want to get involved. This is the tale of a Yemenite dish that has become a part of the mainstream Israeli cuisine: the Jachnun. Jachnun was once a dish served by Yemenite Jews on Saturday morning, but that just isn’t the case anymore. It’s eaten on Saturday morning because the Yemenite Jews cooked their jachnun pastry in the typic... »


The World’s Smallest Nightclub Used to be a Phone Booth

Worlds smallest nightclub. »


Is Wingboarding the Future of Extreme Sports?

Is wingboarding a thing? »

7 Worst Chinese Takeout Dishes

7 Worst Chinese Takeout Dishes

TweetThe worst Chinese takeout dishes aren’t the ones you’d expect. When you want something quick and delicious, Chinese is one of the best types of takeout to order! There’s something wonderful about the fried noodles and nice, flavorful meats, and stir-fried veggies that makes it easy to scarf down an order for two all by yourself. Sadly, Chinese food is nowhere near healthy! W... »


Freakshakes are the Future of Milkshakes

Next level milkshakes. »

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