underwater hotel

Ever Wanted to Sleep Under a Lake? Check Out This Underwater Hotel

TweetThis Swedish inn under a lake promises the best sleep of your life, because why wouldn’t an underwater hotel be just that? I know this structure looks like the kind of tiny Minnesota fishing shack your uncle would take you out to every summer to bond in ways that you could never tell anyone because ‘who would believe you?’, but it’s actually a really awesome concept hotel. Located in St... »

crazy luxury experiences

Three Luxury Experiences You Can’t Afford

TweetNo normal person could afford these crazy luxury experiences. This Shimansky temporary tattoo is made of 612 diamonds. Created by a South African company in 2010, this tattoo costs around $924,000, and is affixed with a water-based adhesive. Each diamond weighs half a carat so you can actually feel the luxury of it all. I have no information on whether the person who got this tattoo was immed... »

These 4 Travel Websites Offer Luxury for Less

TweetIf you want to stay in the nicest hotels around the world without breaking the bank, then you have to check out these four websites. The travel sites below offer luxury accommodation packages in some of the most exotic places around the world — for much, much less. You’re welcome. 1. Luxury Link Luxury Link is one of the greatest websites on which you can book discounted luxury tr... »

hotels versus resorts

The Difference Between Hotels and Resorts

TweetWhen it comes to travel, there is a big difference between a standard hotel and a luxury resort. I wouldn’t consider myself a picky traveler. Being a freelance writer means that sometimes you are filthy rich, sometimes you are dirt poor, and sometimes you are somewhere in between where you can’t really afford to travel, but you do it anyway for the experience. I have stayed in everythin... »

Top 10 American Hotels for High Tea

Top 10 American Hotels for High Tea

TweetFancy a cup of tea? Check out one (or more) of these ten U.S. hotels for an unforgettable afternoon high tea experience: The Jefferson, Richmond, VA The Jefferson hosts high tea in its elegant Palm Court (above) where guests can marvel at the stained-glass dome ceilings and traditional decor. They also serve their own signature tea blend — “The Jefferson Blend,” which consis... »

Hotel Week is Launching in Los Angeles

Hotel Week is Launching in Los Angeles

TweetHotel Week Los Angeles is launching following the success of their New York version. Hotel Week LA will offer week-long discounts at celebrated LA and NYC hotels, many of which charge usual rates upwards of $500 per night. Guests can book rooms to stay at participating hotels for $100, $200 or $300 per night. READ MORE: Most Disgusting Rivers in the World The incredible savings provides trave... »

You Need to See Santa Fe, Here’s Why

You Need to See Santa Fe, Here’s Why

TweetYou need to see Santa Fe because the city mixes old Western stylings with contemporary luxuries, read on for details. When the average American person thinks of Santa Fe, New Mexico, their mind’s eye is likely flooded with images of cowboy boots, dirt roads, and Christian Bale singing his epic song from The Newsies. It is hard for many to reconcile this land-locked city with internation... »

Time Warner Center’s 10th Anniversary

Time Warner Center’s 10th Anniversary

TweetCan you believe the grand Time Warner Center has been a NYC destination for 10 years already? I remember when the Time Warner Center was just being finished– I had just moved to NYC from South Florida as a bright-eyed and fresh 20 year old with nothing but time to kill, sushi to eat, and shopping dreams. At the time, the Time Warner Center was sort of an everything draw for a young New ... »

fruit shaped hotel Thailand

A Hotel Shaped Like Giant Fruit

TweetBaanphasawan is an upscale resort in Thailand, with over 100 rooms each shaped like exotic fruit, vegetables, and random plants. Baanphasawan is located in a random part of the country over 18 miles from any other city, so it’s kind of a bitch to get to. Once you are there however, you can sleep in anything from a giant dragonfruit, to a mushroom, pineapple, mangosteen, or durian. The idea be... »

wine barrel hotel

Calling all Winos: Vacation Inside a Wine Barrel

TweetI am not a big wine drinker, mostly because I only drink to get hammered, and wine both takes too long and gives me a headache. I understand wine culture though, and so I totally get why some people would plan entire vacations around wine-drinking. If you are the type of person who always gets shit for being a wine connoisseur, now is the time to share your lifestyle choice with everyone and ... »

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