living delicacies

Food that is Eaten Alive: Yay or Nay?

TweetThese delicacies from around the world are served while still alive. In China, frog sashimi is made by slicing up a fresh frog, eating the still beating heart, and garnishing your dish with the intact frog head. I have to be honest, I have a pretty weak stomache when it comes to food. Call me a betch if you want, but there are a lot of things I just can’t or won’t eat, and food that is eaten ... »

water blobs

Edible Water Bottles, Because: The Future

TweetCould edible water bottles be the newest way to hydrate? In the past year or so, I have become a lot more conscious of the fragile state of our Earth. It all started when I was walking home from the gym, drinking a protein shake. I then thought about the bottle, how it was made of hard plastic, and where it would end up if I threw it away (I’m guessing Staten Island). Basically, I realized th... »

Most Expensive Cut of Beef: Where, Why, and How to Prepare

Most Expensive Cut of Beef: Where, Why, and How to Prepare

TweetEver wonder what the most expensive cut of beef is? Same here, so we did the research. If you’re not a meat lover, turn away now. This is about to go thigh-deep. There are a few steaks that take “good” to a whole new level! That’s right, we’re talking about the most expensive cut of beef: Kobe beef. You know how Champagne ONLY comes from the French wine-producing... »

eatsa automated restaurant

Automated Restaurant Does Away with Human Interaction

TweetA new restaurant in San Francisco has no interaction with human staff. I know some older people may not agree with this, but I hate human interaction. In this day and age its becoming super easy to get by in life without actually interacting with humans; we shop, order food, and even arrange dates online. It was only a  matter of time then, before restaurants adopted this method, too. Eatsa, ... »

75 million dollar birthday cake

The Most Expensive Cake Ever: A 75 Million Dollar Birthday Cake

TweetWe’re 99% certain that this is the most expensive cake of all time because a family recently spent $75 million dollars on a birthday/engagement cake for their daughter. We talk a lot about expensive things on The Luxury Spot, but this literally takes the cake (pun intended). In a bid to make their daughter’s birthday and engagement extra special, an unidentified family from the UAE comm... »

beer jelly

It’s a Thing: Beer Jelly

TweetAn archaeologist-turned-entrepreneur has created the world’s first beer jam. What should you do if you own a jelly company called ‘Potlicker’ and run out of fruit from which to make delicious preserves? Use beer instead, obviously. Nancy Warner used to be an archaeologist until she quit her job to start a jam company. Originally the idea started out as a hobby because there wasn’t much ... »

poop cafe

A South Korean Poop-Themed Café

TweetA coffee shop in South Korea is decorated entirely within the ‘cute poop’ trend. I don’t know if you know this, but ‘cute poop’ is a trend. I blame emojis on iPhones for the start of this phenomenon, because that little brown turd is adorable, but feces has made its way into our communication, our fashion, and now, our food. Based in Seoul, South Korea, the Poop Café is a pretty normal type o... »

100 dollar donut

Introducing a $100 Donut

TweetThis donut is a culinary masterpiece that takes five hours to make. Donuts are something I only eat when I’m hung over, or in the mood to treat myself after a long day of walking around, passing 40 Dunkin Donuts without stopping in. I don’t actually even know what I’m looking at when I look at these photos, but apparently it’s a donut that takes five hours to make and costs $100. Originally m... »

ghost pepper ice cream

This Spicy Pepper Ice Cream Requires a Waiver

TweetGhost pepper ice cream is so hot, you legally have to sign a waiver before trying it. I have been to Rehobeth Beach in Delaware before, but admittedly I was too busy trying to look skinny on the beach and get laid to eat any kind of ice cream. I’m not one for spicy foods anyway, but I am still intrigued by hot ice cream, which is like the ultimate oxymoron. The Ice Cream Story in Rehobeth has... »

hangover cure

Have We Found a Legit Hangover Cure?

TweetScientists have found a legitimate hangover cure in the simplest place. Everyone has their own hangover cure. Mine involves masturbating, crying, and then taking a bath, in that order. If that ritual doesn’t work, I just get fucked up again. Researchers at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization have recently discovered that people who consume 1 cup of Asian pear juice be... »

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