Why Enriched Flours Are Unhealthy

Why Enriched Flours Are Unhealthy

TweetEnriched flours are unhealthy, here’s why: It’s hard to imagine life without flour. Without flour, there’d be no bread, no cookies, no cakes, no noodles, no bagels, no gravy, and the list goes on. Flour is a pretty important staple of the average Western diet. Sadly, most of the flour you eat is quite unhealthy. Flour comes from wheat, which, in its natural form, contains th... »

gold and champagne donut

A $100 Gold and Champagne Donut in Williamsburg

Gold and champagne donut. »

What to Eat to Dream More

What to Eat to Dream More

TweetWhat to eat to dream more, because your belly may be the best way to your mind. Did you know that the food you eat can affect your dreams? It may sound odd, but it’s true! Eating certain foods can stimulate brain activity as you sleep, causing you to have more vivid, lucid dreams. If you want to know what to eat to dream more, you need to understand that there are two simple nutrients t... »

10 Food Trends from Israel to Watch in 2016

10 Food Trends from Israel to Watch in 2016

Tweet10 Food Trends from Israel for 2016: Contributing editor and professional chef, Yehudah Jacobs, shares his top predictions for the food scene’s movement from East to West. As the New Year comes around, so do the new trends in the culinary world. This past year we have seen kale become old news, Uber delivering food instead of just people, and a much larger focus on health-focused eating... »

10 Foods for Higher Sperm Count

10 Foods for Higher Sperm Count

Tweet10 Foods for Higher Sperm Count to Eat Now If you are trying to get pregnant, increasing your partner’s sperm count is one of the best things you can do. It’s fertility roulette out there, and more sperm = higher chances of conception. Try eating these foods for higher sperm count: Eggs — Thanks to the protein and Vitamin E in eggs, you can give your body the nutrients it ne... »

black boiled eggs

Would You Eat Black Boiled Volcanic Eggs?

TweetIn Japan, they boil eggs in a volcano. Because volcanic eggs over green eggs n ham, right? Boiled eggs confound me. Maybe its because I missed out on the cooking gene, but every time I’ve tried to boil an egg it has always turned out orange for some reason. In an only somewhat-related note, if you have never had a boiled egg with soy sauce, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest delica... »

human tears alcohol

Behold a Cocktail Made of Human Tears

TweetDistilled human tears are the next big thing in the world of alcohol. As someone who has been through a breakup or two, I am no stranger to crying into my cocktails. In fact, crying into my cocktail is what I do first, right before I go searching for another cock. As you know, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, the artists who created bre... »

goldfish tea

People Are Drinking Goldfish Tea

TweetGoldfish tea is all the rage in Japan. I am a pretty avid tea drinker. While I am not the kind of tea drinker that is willing to walk into a Teavana and spend $50 on some leaves, I am the type of guy that brews his own green tea pretty much every day in honor of the light caffeine and deep health benefits. Between my love of tea and my distaste for seafood, I am happy I can have a tolerable l... »

vagina bread

Vagina Yeast Bread: because the internet is awful

TweetA blogger attempted to make vagina yeast bread. Apocalypse now. I am absolutely horrified to be writing this. If you could see my face right now, you would think I was getting anally penetrated by a cheese grater, which isn’t even as horrifying to me as vagina yeast bread. Feminist blogger Zoe Stavri (@stavvers) recently got thrush, and decided to use it to try and make sourdough bread. Most ... »


Behold the Cthurkey

TweetThe Cthurkey is a Thanksgiving abomination. Call me weak, but I’ve never really been one to experiment with food. When it comes to things I put in my mouth, I pretty much know what I like and stick to that. I would never even consider eating this abomination of Thanksgiving and Internet trends, the Cthurkey. Before I even get into explaining what exactly it is, you can see clearly that it loo... »

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