vagina bread

Can You Make Bread With Vagina Yeast?

TweetA feminist blogger is attempting to make sour dough bread from vaginal yeast. I am absolutely horrified to be writing this. If you could see my face right now, you would think I was getting anally penetrated by a cheese grater, which isn’t even as horrifying to me as vagina bread. Feminist blogger Zoe Stavri (@stavvers) recently got thrush, and decided to use it to try and make sourdough brea... »


Behold the Cthurkey

TweetThe Cthurkey is a Thanksgiving abomination. Call me weak, but I’ve never really been one to experiment with food. When it comes to things I put in my mouth, I pretty much know what I like and stick to that. I would never even consider eating this abomination of Thanksgiving and Internet trends, the Cthurkey. Before I even get into explaining what exactly it is, you can see clearly that it loo... »

Vegetarian Bolognese Recipe: because life is good

Vegetarian Bolognese Recipe: because life is good

TweetJessica Levinson shares her recipe for the easiest and tastiest vegetarian bolognese sauce of all time. No elastic pants necessary. Love lentils? So does Jessica Levinson, a registered dietician, nutritionist, and founder of Nutritioulicious. She’s so obsessed with pulses (yes, the official name for the family of foods lentils can be found in) that she works them in everywhere– ev... »

colorful turkey farm

Eat a Rainbow Turkey This Thanksgiving

TweetA rainbow turkey farm in Connecticut dyes birds bright colors every Thanksgiving. I know this photo may look like a gaggle of Easter Peeps coming to life, but these are actual edible turkeys. For the past six decades, Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Guilford, Connecticut has celebrated by dying live turkeys bright colors and putting them on display (and for sale, of course). READ MORE: Five Highly Ina... »

water into wine miracle machine

Instant Food Machine Creates Restaurant Quality Eats

TweetChefCuisine is a new instant food machine that creates culinary masterpieces at the touch of a button. The future is here, people. Either get on board, or truck your ass to the middle of nowhere and get used to eating raw termites. You have heard of Nespresso machines that create instant coffee from little cartridges, right? (Nod your head if you are literally drinking some instant coffee as ... »

Customized OREO Colorfilled Packs: Now a Thing

Customized OREO Colorfilled Packs: Now a Thing

TweetCustomized OREO Colorfilled packs are about to shake up the cookie-giving world as we know it. Cookies are delish, the holiday season is delish because giving cookies is the norm, and the only way to improve this is to make the process even easier by not actually baking. Good news, customized OREO Colorfilled packs are officially a thing and all that’s required is internet access and a ... »

hummus bar

Jews and Arabs Get a Discount for Dining Together

TweetA restaurant in Israel gives Jews and Arabs who eat together a 50% discount. Unless you have been living under a rock for years, you know about the conflict between Israel and Palestine (insert scared emoji of the millions of crazies on the Internet ready to attack just for posting this article). There have been a lot of efforts to try and quell the tension between the warring countries of th... »

my little pony cafe

The My Little Pony Café in Japan

TweetJapan finally opened a My Little Pony cafe and the world isn’t clapping loudly enough. I know it may have debuted in 1982 (one year before my fabulous self popped out of my mom’s magic-maker), but the My Little Pony franchise has held on strong. Basically, My Little Pony saturates almost every corner of pop culture and has everything from cartoons on TV to stuffed animals, erotica pony-... »

rainbow bagel

The Rainbow Bagel is Taking Over the World

TweetThe rainbow bagel:  because the perfect bagel looks like a rainbow and tastes like cereal. I know that bagel culture is sort of a New York thing, and that not everyone around the world can walk out of their office for a mid-morning snack and buy a bagel from a foreign guy selling delicious carbs, but its only a matter of time before the grace and splendor of bagels touches even the most centr... »

How to Make a Red Velvet Brain Cake for Halloween

TweetThis red velvet brain cake is the perfect treat for Halloween. I am a huge fan of novelty cakes, mostly because #peniscakes. Halloween also happens to be my favorite holiday, obviously because I love any excuse to go out practically naked, wearing a mask, and traipse around town taking Instagram photos with strangers. This red velvet brain cake combines both my love of novelty cakes, and Hall... »

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