gun laws and dildos

Gun Laws and Sex Toys: Texas Students Protest

TweetIn opposition to a concealed gun law passed in Texas, students are carrying around dildos. Gun control is totally a hot topic nowadays, especially given the string of horrific school shootings, and the presidential election coming up. A few months ago, the University of Texas passed legislation that allows students to carry concealed guns on campus. Meanwhile, students aren’t allowed to engag... »

Hummus Beer: It’s Gluten-Free and Holy

Hummus Beer: It’s Gluten-Free and Holy

TweetHummus beer is a thing! Amen. What do you get when you bring combine water, chick peas, and culinary know-how in the Holy Land? Hummus beer! There’s a new gluten-free concoction brewing in small batches in Jerusalem combining the ever-handy chickpea (also called “hummus” in the non-puree form), dates, and buckwheat. The Times of Israel reports: “It’s a very Middle Eastern fo... »

strange villages

Five Strange Villages From Around the World

TweetThese strange villages from all over the world are totally unique (and worth adding to your adventure list). The Smurf village: The pueblos of Juzcar, Spain were painted blue by Sony execs in a bid to promote the Smurfs movie. After the release, they decided they loved looking like a Smurf village and decided to keep it. I don’t know about you, but the idea of living in a village seems totall... »

pearlfisher ball pit

Ball-pit for Grownups Takes Over Instagram

TweetAn adult-sized ball-pit in Soho is just what your Instagram needs. I don’t know if anyone shares this sentiment, but when I was a kid, the ball-pit was my favorite place to be. You can make as many jokes about me liking balls as you want, but the fact remains that there is nothing more satisfying than diving into a vat filled with plastic balls covered in salmonella and children’s spittle, ex... »

Is Positano the New IT Destination?

TweetPositano, Italy is the newest IT destination for socialites and models. Is it me, or is Taylor Swift and her group of leggy glamazon friends slowly taking over the world? It seems like all it took is Karlie Kloss instagramming from Positano to make everyone talk about it. Apparently now it is the newest destination for socialites and globetrotters, a place where you can dock your yacht and tr... »

city slip n slide

A 270 Foot Slip ‘n Slide is Coming To NYC

TweetAs part of the Summer Streets program, a 270-foot slip ‘n slide will be coming to Manhattan. One of my favorite parts of growing up in the South was the slip ‘n slides. In Florida we had this crazy thing called grass. It was soft, green plant-like stuff that covered the grounds and made it really easy to slide down a piece of water-covered plastic during hot summer days. If you tried to do th... »

The Ark at JFK: Where Fancy Pets Wait for Flights

The Ark at JFK: Where Fancy Pets Wait for Flights

TweetIf you haven’t yet heard of The Ark at JFK, get ready– every well bred with a pet flying in or out of New York City is going to be talking about it. Developers are transforming a 178,000 square foot cargo terminal at NYC’s JFK airport into a pet hotel profit machine. The Ark at JFK is set to replace what was once VetPort with high end, luxurious trimmings, housing, a shelter... »

Homeless Man in Russia Becomes Famous Online

TweetA homeless man in Russia goes viral on the Internet.   I wasn’t aware they had the Internet in Russia, so all of this is news to me. A homeless man that lives on the streets in Moscow has found fame, and hopefully fortune by video blogging. Called the ‘bum-blogger’, Zhenya Yakut started recording videos of his life to show people a side of Moscow that they hadn’t seen. He quickly gained ... »

ginger pride UK

Ginger Pride is Coming to London

TweetRedhead Day UK is a ginger pride festival coming to London this year. I have always had pride in gingers. In fact, I have had a lot of other things in gingers as well. Not to be overshadowed by the gays, redheads all over the UK are working on bringing their UK pride festival to London, to celebrate their flaming hairpieces in the capital. Redhead Day UK, an event dedicated to ginger pride an... »

womans fight club in mexico

Women Only Fight Club in Mexico

TweetThere’s a women-only fight club in Guerrero, Mexico. I am all for cultural traditions, and I am all for women-only fight clubs. In a long-standing cultural tradition that dates back to the Aztecs, women in the Nahua village of Guerrero, Mexico meet every year and beat the shit out of each other in a bizarre ritual to call the rain. The tradition starts in the morning when women prepare ... »

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