beer world internship

Get Paid to Drink Beer All Over the World

A beer internship. »

champagne gun

Just What the World Needed: A Champagne Gun

A champagne gun. »

protein beer

Drink Your Way to Fitness with Protein Beer

Healthy protein beer. »

Your Official Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairings Guide

Your Official Girl Scout Cookies and Wine Pairings Guide

TweetYou’ve probably been wondering when an official girl scout cookies and wine pairings guide would be made. Rejoice, citizens of Earth. Your prayers have been answered. Scientifically speaking, humans love Girl Scout Cookies. If you don’t there’s a chance you’re carrying DNA of some other living creature, and that’s a totally different story. As a fellow human, I f... »

upside down wine glass

Look Extra Drunk With An Upside Down Wine Glass

Upside down wine glasses! »

floating bars

World’s Best Floating Bars

Floating bars! »

bar inside a tree

Drink Your Liquor at a Bar Inside a Tree

A bar inside a tree. »

bacon shot glasses

Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Shot glasses Filled with Liquor

Bacon shot glasses. »

Easiest Flower Cocktail Recipe EVER

Easiest Flower Cocktail Recipe EVER

Tweet  Possibly the easiest flower cocktail recipe ever, the Absolut Red Carpet. Aside from being utterly gorgeous, the ingredients in what I consider to be the easiest flower cocktail EVER (of all time, okay?) are completely delish and easy to scoop up just about anywhere. And no, you don’t have to use an orchid… feel free to throw in whatever fresh, clean flowers you’ve go... »

is alcohol uncool?

Is Alcohol No Longer Cool?

Is drinking totally over? »

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