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Archives for the ‘Swimwear’ Category

Fashion Crave: OYE Open Your Eyes Swimwear

OYE Open Your Eyes Swimwear

Sorry to break it to you guys, but Spring is here and that means that summer is right around the corner. It’s time to maybe cut back on sugars and carbs so that you can look awesomely stunning in this OYE swimsuits. At first glance, they look more like lingerie than swimsuits, but that’s what we want our bathing suits to look like right? Ayca and Zeynep Sadikoglu, the founders of OYE ... More...

By • Mar 24th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, FASHION, Swimwear

Style Spotting: The Perfect Skanky Pool Party Swimsuit

Strut your stuff in this barely-there, sexy white one-piece!

Every girl in Hollywood knows that a pool party isn’t ever actually about the pool or getting a tan for that matter (although I personally always try to sneak one in). It’s all about looking hot, who has the cutest suit and impressing the boys, if you’re single that is. And, of course, the whole goal is to look sexier than any other sloot near the water, even if that means your... More...

By • Feb 21st, 2013 • Category: FASHION, Swimwear

Fashion Crave: Carine Gilson Lingerie

Carine Gilson’s sexy lingerie

This top might be a swim suit. It was paired on the website with bottoms that resemble bathing suit bottoms with two little bows on the hips. However, I don’t care I think that the shape is body conscious and sexy, and the color (black) is obviously perfect. But.. paired with these black high waisted silk shorts it is the perfect comfy and sexy lingerie set. The only problem is that each piec... More...

By • Jan 20th, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY, Bottoms, FASHION, Lingerie, Swimwear, Tops

Accessories Spotting: We Are Handsome in the Streets

We Are Handsome in the Streets’s new bathing suit collection.

A lot of you are going away to some place beautiful and warm during these cold winter months. So in order to help you pick the most luxurious and chic bathing suits, Australian designer We Are Handsome in the Streets has launched their new SS13 line. The idea was to create spellbinding works of art; these colourful palettes of inspiration and finely shaped cuts recall the halcyonic, sun drenched days... More...

By • Dec 24th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, FASHION, Swimwear

Beauty Spotting: Halloween Beauty Essentials

Tweet Just because you’ll be in a costume on Halloween does not mean that you don’t want to be pretty. [...]

Just because you’ll be in a costume on Halloween does not mean that you don’t want to be pretty. Witches can be pretty, too, and so can policewomen, Disney Princesses, and superheroes – as long as the following Halloween cosmetic essentials are put to use. I opted to go with a galactic superhero moment for my costume. Here’s how I got the look! I had a fabulous Lisa Blue swim... More...

By • Oct 23rd, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, Cosmetics, FASHION, Hair, Skin, Swimwear

2 Think Pink Products to Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Love pink? In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this October show your support by indulging in a product painted the universal girly color.

Love pink? In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this October show your support by indulging in a product painted the universal girly color. Not only will you be giving back, but you’ll also be getting a gift you totally heart. Here are 2 “think pink” items we’ve rounded up: 1. Dejei Soleil Swimwear “Kitten Collection” Pink Velvet Bikini  20% of proceeds from... More...

By • Oct 15th, 2012 • Category: FASHION, Lingerie, Swimwear

Fashion Crave: Suboo Resort Collection

The gorgeous Australian Suboo Resort Campaign

Australian fashion label, Suboo, was launched in 2007 as a lifestyle accessories brand and quickly reached cult status with the support of devotees of the luxury lifestyle brand from all around the world. Personally, I looked through the entire look-book and couldn’t find one piece that wasn’t absolutely perfect. The collection is very feminine, and designed in a way that appreciates and ... More...

By • Oct 7th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, Bottoms, Dresses, FASHION, Shoes and Accessories, Swimwear, Tops

Art Spotting: We Are Handsome in the Streets

Australia Fashion designers of We Are Handsome, team up with artists to design for a new, unbelievable collection.

Art and fashion collide with We Are handsome’s new collaboration with In the Streets. The bathing suit collection is digitally printed with wild animals, landscapes and other ’70s-tinged imagery. Their pieces are absolutely breathtaking, each more exciting and lovely than the next. Perfect for an end to the summer holiday to wear on the beach or to the pool! We Are Handsome is t... More...

By • Sep 6th, 2012 • Category: BEAUTY, ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION, Swimwear

3 Really Annoying Types of People on Facebook

You should probably defriend all of these people.

I definitely don’t use Facebook as much as I used to anymore, but there are still certain types of people who irk the shit out of me on there. Here are 3 of them. 1. Chicks Who Have Like, The Best Boyfriend Ever We get it. Your boyfriend is like a bajillion times more romantic than Leonardo DiCaprio ever was in the movie Titanic, but declaring how great he is on your Facebook wall (and his) ever... More...

By • Aug 27th, 2012 • Category: ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION, Internet, SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS, Swimwear

Accessories Spotting: The History of Bathing Suits

Vintage Bikini inspiration.

If you have been hiding in you apartment for the past few months then I would like to inform you that it has been swimsuit season for the past few months. And for the rest of us who have either been tanning on our rofotops, or vacationing to the Hamptons on the weekends then we know how important the perfect bikini really is. For your consideration, below is a little presentation of the history of i... More...

By • Aug 6th, 2012 • Category: FASHION, Swimwear