Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

TweetFYI the Shopbop friends and family sale is, and that’s a fact. There’s about a 98% chance there’s something you need or want to get you through from now till next summer. Maybe it’s a pile of new sweaters, a crisp weather jacket, a pair of boyfriend jeans, a colored midi skirt, or one of about a million gorgeous handbags that are currently on the market&... »

80 year old designer and model

80 Year Old Model and Designer Shows Off

TweetThis 80 year old designer is both a fashion creative and model. When it comes to dreams, there really is no expiration date. That is why I find stories like that of Liao Dezhong so inspiring. Dezhong may be an 80 years old model, but he still manages to both design eccentric dresses, and wear them elegantly them for the entire Internet to see. Dezhong, a widower from the Sichuan province has ... »

yasmina rossi

Yasmina Rossi: Meet a 59 Year Old Fashion Model

TweetThis 59 year old fashion model puts many younger models to shame. Yasmina Rossi is basically my spirit animal. At the age of 59, Rossi is a highly sought after international model who has worked for Macy’s, AT&T, Mastercard, and Marks & Spencers. She was born in France, started modeling in her late 20s, and got her big break in New York at the age of 45– which as everyone knows ... »


Fruit Leather: You Can Make Leather From Rotting Fruit?

TweetFruit leather: Dutch students have discovered how to turn rotting fruit into leather accessories. In my pursuit of maturity, I am finally all about saving the planet. In fact, now I can’t consciously throw a plastic bottle into a trashcan without feeling really bad about where it is going to end up… a big leap from the kind of careless guy I used to be. Six undergrads in the Netherlands... »

agender fashion

You Do You: An Agender Unisex Fashion Website

TweetA new agender unisex website focuses on blurring the lines of gender in fashion. Lets face it, the lines of gender have always been a little blurred in the fashion world. Transgender models have been a thing for a while now, and the world of fashion has always been a haven for those that don’t conform for typical roles of male and female because it is a safe space for creativity to flow. Unti... »

New Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Tech is Genius

New Rebecca Minkoff Wearable Tech is Genius

TweetIf you haven’t seen the new Rebecca Minkoff wearable tech debuts, you need to. So here goes: Let me start by saying that there are about 120,988 wearable tech companies out there right now. The vast majority of them put out ugly products that don’t actually improve the quality of life by any stretch. READ MORE: There’s a Rooftop Cabin in NYC Rebecca Minkoff, however, is taki... »

guy wearing heels social experiment

Guy Fails Miserably at Wearing Heels for One Day

TweetIn a bid to prove that women are ‘huge complainers’, one man wore heels for a day, and had to get his feet amputated. Okay, he didn’t really have to get his feet cut off, but it certainly sounds like he wants to. As a gay guy, I have walked in heels before and can tell you that I could probably do a backflip in them (even though I can’t do one without them). Brandon Cohen, a video corresponde... »

My Secret Wardrobe Warrior: Hanes

My Secret Wardrobe Warrior: Hanes

Tweet  I’m a total sucker for artsy, handmade skirts, linen jackets, and fancy shmance shoes– but when it comes to pulling my entire look together with basic tees, tanks, and underpinnings Hanes is my go to. For years I’ve been tucking loose white Hanes tees into chic little Dior skirts for a few reasons: 1. T-shirts are always, always chic. If anyone tells you otherwise, th... »

The Official Bra of the No Sleevage Lifestyle

The Official Bra of the No Sleevage Lifestyle

Tweet I spent the better part of my life being nearly flat-chested. I mean, concave really until my mid 20s, so when my boobs finally appeared in a glorious and much-anticipated way (thanks hormones and pregnancy!), my bra-buying game wasn’t exactly on point. In fact, until recently I was buying bras mostly based on the colors. Oh? That’s a red one, on sale, from a company I like? Sold... »

anti tanning mask

A Fashionable Anti-Tanning Mask

TweetIn a bid to maintain youth, Chinese inventors have created a fashionable anti-tanning mask. I know the first photo in this post is probably pretty jarring, but I just want to reiterate and share with the world how many bat-shit inventions come out of China. As you may know, Chinese people tend to age more gracefully than their American counterparts, the reason being they understand how damagi... »

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