mens denim hotpants

Tiny Denim Hotpants for Men

Men's denim hotpants. »

mewgaroo pet hoodie

The Cat Lady Pet Hoodie Has Arrived

Pet hoodies. »

seminole patchwork

Want to Be a Florida Seminole Patchwork Princess?

TweetThe Miss Seminole Florida Princess Pageant highlights the traditional art form of Seminole patchwork– the original American elegance. True story, as I write this I am sitting on a bus traveling through lower Florida, so this post really couldn’t be more timely, but enough about my glamorous jet-setting life because there’s a story to be told about the original version of American ... »

2016 Pantone Colors of the Year: here’s how to do it right

2016 Pantone Colors of the Year: here’s how to do it right

TweetThe 2016 Pantone Colors of the Year are either completely fantastic or a little intimidating to the average human, so we put together an easy how to guide on how to wear and incorporate these soft-and-beautiful hues. The Pantone Colors of the Year were recently named Rose Quartz, a soft but energetic pinkish hue, and Serenity, a soft bluish tone that makes you want to curl up in cashmere circ... »

customizable shoes

Chameleon Shoes Change Patterns Digitally

TweetFlexible screens allow these Chameleon Shoes to change patterns. I am a confirmed sneaker hoarder. I have a closet in my hall that is so full of shoes, that I recognize I’m probably paying serious rent just for my kicks– NYC doesn’t make it easy on a shoe lover . That being said, I never wear any of them, so I freely admit that I may have a problem. New York designer David C... »

golden girl granny panties

Golden Girl Granny Panties

TweetThese Golden Girl granny panties are basically everyone’s dream. In the world of gays that were born in the 80’s, everyone knows you don’t get your official homo card until you have seen every episode of The Golden Girls. The same goes for the group of people who call estrogen their drug of choice (natural ‘ladies’ if you will). I challenge you to find one 30+ year-old gay w... »

ShopBop Black Friday… But Earlier

ShopBop Black Friday… But Earlier

TweetThe ShopBop Black Friday sale is here… EARLY Attention all humans: if there’s one thing that’s NOT luxury, it’s the concept of standing in line at some big box retailer waiting for a chance to buy a faux fur coat on 50% off sale. I say no from every corner of my soul. So is the solution to walk away from the prospect of a seriously glorious deal on gifts and stuff for ... »

moschino barbie

A Little Boy in a Moschino Barbie Commercial

TweetThe new commercial for Moschino Barbie features a little boy! Every little gay boy out there is probably seething right now, waiting patiently, just like Kylie Jenner circa 2012, for his moment in the spotlight. The new limited edition Moschino Barbie was recently unveiled, and the commercial for it is totally ‘fierce’, as is the Barbie, according to the little boy they cast. This is the firs... »

tooth engagement ring

A Wisdom Tooth Ring for Engagement?

TweetWould you wear a tooth right? A California couple used a wisdom tooth for their special engagement. I am a huge fan of nontraditional rings. I think that if you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone, your ring should reflect your own individuality, which is something I don’t think you can confine to a ‘princess cut’ or whatever else DeBeers deems appropriate for that particula... »

Cutest I Love NY Shirts for Kids at PiccoliNY

Cutest I Love NY Shirts for Kids at PiccoliNY

TweetAfter 11 years of living in Manhattan, and nearly 7 of them as a mom, it’s no surprise that finding the cutest ‘I Love NY’ shirts for kids was high on my priority list. PiccoliNY is an independent fashion brand nestled between the intertwined borders and cultures of Little Italy and Chinatown. It was created by New York native, Alex Zagami, and features American-made trinket... »

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