How cute are these Madame Alexander dolls?

How cute are these Madame Alexander dolls?

Madame Alexander dolls are a sophisticated last minute gift for little girls. I know my toy-related content isn’t nearly as frequent as my lipstick and concealer content, but I figured I’d let you in on a little last minute gifting secret that might do you some good if you plan to hang with little kids this holiday season– Madame Alexander dolls. I didn’t even know Madame A... »

Cutest I Love NY Shirts for Kids at PiccoliNY

Cutest I Love NY Shirts for Kids at PiccoliNY

After 11 years of living in Manhattan, and nearly 7 of them as a mom, it’s no surprise that finding the cutest ‘I Love NY’ shirts for kids was high on my priority list. PiccoliNY is an independent fashion brand nestled between the intertwined borders and cultures of Little Italy and Chinatown. It was created by New York native, Alex Zagami, and features American-made trinkets of ... »

cute turtles

The Cutest Happy Turtles on The Internet

These happy turtles are the cutest on The Internet, and possibly the Universe (do other planets even have turtles, never mind happy turtles?). I normally don’t like turtles for several reasons. First off, they often carry salmonella, which will most definitely give you the sh*ts. Second, they tend to try to scratch people when picked up. Third, they aren’t really edible (apparently some cultures e... »

baby bulldog best friends

Baby + Bulldog = Besties

These baby and bulldog besties were born on the same day. Say what you will about reproduction, but of all the infants in the world, the two cutest types are bulldogs and babies. Ivette Ivens, a photographer out of Chicago shares this sentiment obviously, because she has been chronicling the relationship of her son, and his bulldog best friend. The best part about their bond is that they were born... »

A Britney Spears Inspired Pregnancy Announcement

This couple made a full-length music video to announce their pregnancy. I am not straight, and thus I will probably never have to make my own pregnancy announcement (although if it were possible for me to get pregnant, lets just say I would probably have a buy-one get-one free card for the clinic). This couple decided to get really creative about both their announcement, and their obsession with B... »

8 Things to Do With Your Dad in New York

8 Things to Do With Your Dad in New York

Father’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t already found the perfect gift or experience, here are 8 easy things to do with your dad in New York for the day: 1. Give him the gift of Kayaking. If he’s the adventuresome type, Hudson River kayaking is a real thing and is totally free. Plus, it’s kind of like doing a trust fall… you come out closer for having surv... »

tranquilizer darts for kids

FDA Approves Tranquilizer Darts for Kids

FDA approves anesthetic tranquilizer darts for kids, shady moms of America rejoice. Have you ever wanted to put the little hurricane who popped out of your vagina to sleep in less than 4 seconds? Congratulations, your prayers have been answered. The FDA recently announced it’s approval of tranquilizer darts for kids– guns to help parents with children suffering from ADHD, also known as ‘ener... »

Umm, Baby Goats in Pajamas!

If you don’t think these baby goats in pajamas are cute, you literally have no heart. I don’t know if my hormones are running high or if my biological clock is ticking, but I have been really into tiny animals lately. The other day I posted about miniature horses, but my quota for cuteness has not yet been filled. I present to you: baby goat in pajamas! Make sure you add the explanation point at t... »

breastfeeding a 6 year old

This Mother Still Breastfeeds Her Six Year Old

A 52-year-old Australian mother is still breastfeeding a 6 year old.  In the world of ‘what the Hell is happening on Earth’ this ranks pretty damn high. 52 year old Maha Al Musa is an Australian belly dancing expert and human rights activist who plans to breastfeed her daughter until she is 10. I don’t know about you, but the face that she is 52 and can still produce breast milk is pretty astonish... »

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Cool Moms

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts for Cool Moms

Our list of the top last minute, easy to get Mother’s Day gifts for cool moms: 1. Mom needs fuel, and not just some regular pot. Every wide-eyed and alert mom ever refuels with her Keurig each morning, but there’s an updated version and your ultra-chic mom needs to have it– because she probably likes entertaining. The Keurig 2.0 has a larger 4 cup brewing capability so the whole ... »

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