dad bods

The Dad Bod is Officially a Thing

The ‘dad bod’ is the hottest new trend in the world of the male physique. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is something undeniably hot about fathers. I don’t know if it is a biological thing (since fathers have proven that their sperm are excellent swimmers), or an unattainability thing since a lot of fathers have a marriage to go with their children, but something about dads has always been a t... »

weird gifts

Five Random Gifts for Weird Moms

Gift ideas for weird moms. Face candles As everyone who ever popped out of a vagina knows, Mother’s Day is steadily approaching. I know a lot of us come from good, loving, cookie cutter homes where all a mother wants is the love of her children and a nice tube of lipstick for this hallowed day, but this post isn’t about those moms. This post is for all the weird moms out there. I am talking about ... »

adult preschool

Stressed Out Adult New Yorkers Go Back to Preschool

For a price, adult preschools focus on allowing grownups to get in touch with their inner child. I know I always talk a lot of crap about Asia being the universal center of bat-shit ideas, but I always forget to mention the BS that constantly filters out of New York. The newest fad in New York living is adult preschools; places where grown ass people can battle stress by finger painting, taking fi... »

inappropriate toys

WTF: Inappropriate Childrens Toys

Some toys are not actually meant for children. A ‘two finger squirter’, also known as a girl that accidentally pees all over you during sex. I don’t know about you, but in my childhood, we were so poor that we were lucky to have any toys to play with. Our idea of a good time was ordering free Bibles from TV, and then burning them on the front stoop. I know that may seem sacrilegious, but at least ... »

5 Necessary Things for Toddler Skin

5 Necessary Things for Toddler Skin

5 totally necessary things to consider for healthy toddler skin. While most parents go wild outfitting their homes and diets with everything organic and super safe during the first year, toddler skin is actually just as gentle and delicate as younger babies. Toddlers are far more active than newborns, touching just about everything they can, making them especially vulnerable to skin irritations. 1... »

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: What You Need to Know

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay: What You Need to Know

Most parents don’t know about baby bottle tooth decay till it’s too late.  Babies tend to have very healthy teeth, thanks to the fact that ALL they drink is breast milk. But though the milk helps to increase their immunity to disease, the truth is that babies can often suffer from tooth decay even at an early age. This tooth decay is known as Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, as it usually sets... »

2015 Product Of The Year Winners

2015 Product Of The Year Winners

Each year around 50,000 (seriously, fifty thousand) new products are introduced to the marketplace, and a huge percentage of those packaged products hardly make it beyond their first few months of life. Product Of The Year, the world’s largest consumer-voted award for product innovation, draws on over 40,000 real consumer votes and a variety of other thresholds to help identify which product... »

gay babies gene therapy

Gay Gene Therapy: Creating Gay Babies

Doctors are offering ‘gay gene therapy’ to same sex couples wanting gay babies. Gay gene therapy is now just as much of a thing as laser hair removal: thought to be impossible in the 80s, but totally possible like 30 years later. Scientists have now figured out how to offer the ‘gay gene’ to same sex couples who want to pass on the values of homosexuality to their brethren. The process is ca... »

Chemicals In Diapers: What You Need to Know

Chemicals In Diapers: What You Need to Know

Are disposable diapers really the safest choice? What if disposable diapers are NOT the safest option for your little one? You might be surprised to find that there are A LOT of chemicals in diapers you buy on store shelves. Chemicals in Diapers Lining — The diaper’s outer lining is made of polyethylene, the same stuff that’s used to make Saran wrap and other plastic wraps. The i... »

old man haircut

Give Your Misbehaving Kids Old Man Haircuts

An Atlanta barber disciplines kids with old man haircuts. If your son or daughter is a constant asshole with no respect for authority, he or she probably needs some discipline. Unfortunately, we live in an era where taking off your sandal and reddening your child’s buttocks is frowned upon (although admittedly, it worked on me), so parents nowadays have to get more creative with discipline. Russel... »

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