The World’s Smallest Nightclub Used to be a Phone Booth

Worlds smallest nightclub. »

Dead Sea Rave -424 in Israel

TweetThe second annual Dead Sea Rave -424 attracted more than 12,000 party-goers who partied the night away at the Lowest point on Earth this week.  The international electronic music festival, Dead Sea Rave -424, takes place from sunset to sunrise at the foot of the Masada fortress and along the Dead Sea shores. Special shuttle buses bring ravers to the desert location from different cities acros... »

nightclub on wheels

Introducing the Nightclub on Wheels

TweetRussian entrepreneurs turned a regular old bus into a nightclub on wheels. Leave it to Russia to do the tackiest thing imaginable. St. Petersburg entrepreneurs transformed a normal bus into a one-of-a-kind party bus called the Barbus Maxi, that includes a dance floor, lounge, fully stocked bar, and of course, a bathroom. The bus itself was completely reconstructed from nothing but a frame, an... »

The Rooftops To Be At This Summer

The Rooftops To Be At This Summer

TweetYou know how there are those people that head out to the Hamptons for the weekend? Those people are the most basic people I’ve ever met. The Hamptons hasn’t been cool since Sean Combs threw the white party. Now it’s filled with people that have no business renting a summer share. It’s also become too sceney and it’s no longer the relaxation destination. Luckily f... »

5 Best Reactions to Miley’s VMA Performance

5 Best Reactions to Miley’s VMA Performance

TweetI’m still uncomfortable after Miley’s VMA performance, and so is everyone else. Some of the best moments of last night’s show were the audience’s reactions to Miley trying way too hard to solidify her un-Disneyfication. Just when Rihanna thought her own Instagram was the riskiest thing out there today, she saw Miley perform with Robin Thicke, and threw her a judgmental... »

Etsy Knows You’re a Hipster

Etsy Knows You’re a Hipster

TweetThe summer sun is out, and that means the Hipsters are also out to play.  On every NYC block you can spot men and women who scream creativity, independent thinking and indie-rock.  I’ve compiled the top five items on Etsy that every Hipster should sport. [ via ] Related PostsCouch Mermaids: access is easier than you think The Oldest Video Footage of NYC is Awesome Take February 2016 by ... »

Dom Perignon fire extinguisher

This is a Dom Perignon Fire Extinguisher

TweetThis is how to extinguish a fire in style. Wasteful? Perhaps. Safe? Doubt it. Chic? Oh yeah. I’m pretty sure this is how Jay-Z keeps his home safe and fire-proof for Queen B and Baby Blue. He’s probably thinking, “Just gotta use whatever I have laying around the house, you know?” You also have to consider the possibility that this is just a more efficient, fast-acting ... »

how to not be boring

How To Save Yourself From a Boring Party

TweetBoring situations arise from hanging around boring people. Therefore, you will never be bored if you aren’t boring. Still, there is no denying that once in a while, you will be dragged to a boring event. As an Aries, boring situations are my kryptonite. Throw me in an event where all people are talking about is the pros and cons of social security and you will quickly lose me to the bar... »

alcoholic wine glass

A Wine Glass for Alcoholics

TweetYour cup is always half full with this wine glass. In fact, it’s always 100% full if you want it to be. My guess is that this was made with weddings, family gatherings, and holidays in mind. Or maybe it was invented by one of the Real Housewives – probably one of the Beverly Hills variety. Either way, I think I’ve taken care of all of my friends’ birthday gifts for the... »

Celeb Spotting: The Best of the Grammy Awards

Celeb Spotting: The Best of the Grammy Awards

Tweet One thing was clear last night: no celeb attendee at the Grammys put on that horrid winter weight. Was it just me or did everyone’s body look incredible? From Florence Welch’s killer slender figure, to Katy Perry’s boobs, to J.Lo’s leg, and T. Swift’s collar bones. I know that the day following the Grammys everyone is talking about who wore what, who got too dru... »

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