disney sites

If Websites Were Disney Movies

Disney movies as websites. »

van gogh movie

Van Gogh’s Paintings Become A Fully Painted Movie

Van Gogh painted documentary. »

syndicate movie theatre

Dine-in Brooklyn Movie Theatre For $3 a Ticket

Syndicate movie theatre. »

Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

TweetThere’s a Star Wars French Bulldog traipsing around New Jersey. What happens when a new bride wants to impress her freshly minted husband during the holiday season without breaking the bank? You get their dog dressed up as just about every major character in his favorite film series of all time: Star Wars. READ MORE: The Most Fashionable French Bulldog on Instagram “I didn’t... »

jurassic porn

Jurassic Porn Parody

TweetThe world obviously needs a porn parody of Jurassic Park. I haven’t actually seen Jurassic World, but I can tell you without a doubt that Bryce Dallas Howard has the sexual magnetism of a white trash baby doll with Down’s syndrome. Also, the only thing I have really heard about the movie is that it’s ludicrous that she is wearing heels throughout even though she’s running from fucking velocir... »

MTV is Forcing White People to Face How White They Are

TweetMTV is releasing a hilarious new documentary on white people and racism. Ever since music became readily available on the Internet, MTV has really struggled to find its footing, especially since it has a very specific name, and a fan base that moved on eons ago (Dear Jenny McCarthy: Bye girl, bye). Things have changed however, because MTV is releasing a new documentary about white people, fac... »

Beauty and The Beast Goes Gay

TweetWhat happens if Belle goes gay?  If you aren’t currently obsessed with Todrick Hall, maybe this will change your mind. Todrick is basically a gay genius who uses his dancing, acting, and singing skills to make awesome Youtube videos that will make you laugh so hard your vagina might fall out. As if the story of how Beauty and the Beast goes gay wasn’t enough to make your nethers dance. ... »

Bitch Perfect, the Pitch Perfect Parody

TweetBitch Perfect is a new parody video by Todrick Hall that everyone needs to see. I like the movie Pitch Perfect. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I love it, but then I have never really been one of those Broadway gays that knows every word to the Sound of Music, and dreams of seeing my name in lights, as opposed to scratched onto the bathroom wall, as it is now. I will always be 100% behind... »

funny scary movies

Movies to Terrify 20-Somethings

TweetTwenty somethings aren’t scared of much, except these terrifying scenarios. I know this is going to make me sound like a crabby old bitch, but I can’t stand most 20-year-olds. You never think that you will get to a place where you can’t relate to people only 10 years younger than you, but I have arrived there, and it isn’t as bad as I thought. My generation is pretty obsessed with technology ... »

GIF Guide: 7 Times Kirsten Dunst Was Totally Right

GIF Guide: 7 Times Kirsten Dunst Was Totally Right

TweetKirsten Dunst is by far the greatest person to walk this earth. There is something very special about Kristen Dunst. Not only is she a wonderful actress, but she’s just effortlessly pretty. I really do love to see her come down a red carpet or even just run around in a Sofia Coppola movie. She’s just kind of perfect in all the best ways. Here’s a few times I wished I was her... »

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