instagrams sexiest vet

The Sexy Veterinarian on Instagram

Sexiest vet on Instagram. »

oregon militia gay fan fiction

Oregon Militia Homoerotic Fan-Fiction

TweetCelebrate the Oregon militia occupation with some gay Twitter fan-fiction. I don’t know much about the Oregon militia situation, mostly because it hasn’t really been blasting my Facebook feed. A lot of people say that if it wasn’t a bunch of white guys occupying a building, national media would be covering it, but I really have no idea. I’m not even all that white myself. All I know is ... »

Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

TweetThere’s a Star Wars French Bulldog traipsing around New Jersey. What happens when a new bride wants to impress her freshly minted husband during the holiday season without breaking the bank? You get their dog dressed up as just about every major character in his favorite film series of all time: Star Wars. READ MORE: The Most Fashionable French Bulldog on Instagram “I didn’t... »

glitter beards

Holiday Glitter Beards Are a Thing

TweetGlitter beards: men on Instagram are covering their beards in glitter. As someone who is not only gay, but also pretty crafty, I know how detrimental glitter can be to one’s life. Sure, its pretty and sparkly, but it also sticks to everything and NEVER comes out. In fact, there are only a few weeks before Halloween that my entire apartment isn’t covered in glitter, and then Halloween come and... »

reddit roasts

Ruthless Roasts From Reddit

TweetThese ruthless roasts from Reddit should make you feel better about yourself. If it’s one thing I love, it’s a good burn. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a roast, a burn, throwing shade, an insult, or ‘reading a bitch to filth’, insults for the sake of humor are basically my favorite things in the world. READ MORE: Complaints and Insults: Should you Spit or Swallow? At r/RoastMe, people... »

vagina bread

Vagina Yeast Bread: because the internet is awful

TweetA blogger attempted to make vagina yeast bread. Apocalypse now. I am absolutely horrified to be writing this. If you could see my face right now, you would think I was getting anally penetrated by a cheese grater, which isn’t even as horrifying to me as vagina yeast bread. Feminist blogger Zoe Stavri (@stavvers) recently got thrush, and decided to use it to try and make sourdough bread. Most ... »

tumblr boob commentary

Funny Boob Commentary, From Tumblr

TweetSome hilarious boob commentary, courtesy of Tumblr. There is really no denying it, boobs are kind of funny. You might think I wouldn’t write a lot about boobs since I am a gay man, but you would be absolutely wrong. In fact, I think I write more about boobs because I am a gay man. I have a lot more to say about them, well past ‘they look nice’ or ‘I want to touch them’ (the thoughts of my str... »

Emoji Keyboards, Now a Thing

Emoji Keyboards, Now a Thing

TweetIf you’ve been holding your breath waiting for emoji keyboards for your computer to become a reality, it’s time to exhale. You can now type little poop emojis to anyone you want from just about every place you have a keyboard. The emoji keyboard has been one of the major reasons apple users have preferred to text via their phones vs using the iMessage app for desktop and laptop co... »

Disney Mom Bloggers: ‘White or Christian’

Disney Mom Bloggers: ‘White or Christian’

TweetOne prolific blogger details her experience with Disney PR and social media when addressing the issue of diversity and religious acceptance. Disney has an interesting backstory with Mom Bloggers who don’t identify as white or Christian. In early 2009 a Disneyland trip was organized and Mom Bloggers inand around Los Angeles were invited to bring their children for a media day at the park. The ... »

instagram models

4 Models Scouted Off Instagram

TweetInstgram is the newest place to scout and recruit fashion models. The sum of all my modeling experience includes going to a Barbizon convention when I was a kid, and getting mad at my mom for not having enough money to pay for my 2 year associates degree in ‘walking taller and eating less’. Nowadays though, it seems like models are getting discovered everywhere. With the advent of social medi... »

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