street art iran

Elevated Street Art in Iran

TweetMural artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo creates huge works on art on public spaces in Iran. Muralists and street artists are generally thought of at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to art. This is a little ironic, since they are out there trying to make the world a more beautiful place, but unfortunately I didn’t make the rules. Street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo is not only changing that percep... »

steve cutts art

Steve Cutts Modern Art Caricatures About Our Sad Society

TweetThese modern art caricatures by Steve Cutts offer commentary on the world today. I know I have been writing a lot about art this week, but I have been thinking a lot lately about the state of our society, and how shitty things are, especially in New York. Unfortunately, most people truly believe that no matter how bad things are, nothing they can do will change it. Luckily, there are artists ... »

mexican rainbow mural

Mexico’s Largest Rainbow Mural

TweetArtists in Mexico have turned hundreds of working-class houses into a huge rainbow mural. A group of artists in Mexico called the Germ Collective have undertaken a huge feat- to turn the white facades of a working class barrio into a colossal work of art. Located in Las Palmitas, the project is called ‘Pachuca Paints Itself’ and the artists have spent 14 months painting the walls of the barri... »

7 Expert Tips for Arranging Your Own Flowers

7 Expert Tips for Arranging Your Own Flowers

TweetArranging your own flowers is often a daunting task– one that may send you running to a local floral boutique to pick up an expensive arrangement to leave on your dining room table as the centerpiece of the week.  Instead of throwing down tons of cash on pre-arranged flowers for your favorite tablescape, use the blooms in your backyard with the help of Jacqueline Elfe, Founder & CEO... »

vintage color russian photos

Rare Color Photos of The Russian Empire

TweetThese rare, vintage color photos of Russia are over 100 years old. Monastery of St. Nil’, Lake Seliger, Russia. Remember when Russia was known for beautiful architecture, gorgeous fashion, and idyllic townships surrounded by pastoral countryside, instead of bigoted opinions, fascist leaders, and vodka? I don’t either, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. These photos, by Russian chemist and p... »

nona faustine white shoes

Did You Know A Wall Street Slave Market Existed?

TweetArtist Nona Faustine pays tribute to the past by posing nude at former slave trading sites, including the Wall Street Slave Market. New York City Hall, New York, Obviously Being from the North part of Florida, (basically Alabama), I have always considered myself pretty well versed on the slave trade of the South. The education on the subject is everywhere, and it’s a harrowing past, esp... »

pantyhose art

Hideous Pantyhose Sculptures

TweetThis Dutch artist creates grotesque art out of discarded pantyhose. Yay for pantyhose sculptures? I have always been of the opinion that art doesn’t have to be beautiful. Dutch artist Rosa Verloop obviously shares this sentiment, because pantyhose sculptures are straight up hideous and haunting. Verloop uses thousands of used nude pantyhose in nude shades to create her famous artworks. She th... »

instagram photos worth 100K

Stolen Instagram Photos Sell for 100K

TweetA New York artist has stolen Instagram photos and is selling them for around $100k. I don’t know who decided that photos of people’s Starbucks drinks were worth anything, but apparently a fool is born every day. New York artist Richard Prince has blown up and printed other people’s Instagram photos, called it art, and is selling them at the Gagosian. The only thing he actually did himself was... »

This Instagram Grandma is Everything

TweetThis Instagram grandma is an 86-year-old woman, and a total a must-see. I made up my mind long ago that if I was ever going to become an old woman, I would drink liquor and smoke weed all day, and party all night. Baddie Winkle (even her name is awesome) has stolen my dream, and honestly, she is so awesome I am not even mad at her for it. Baddie Winkle is the Instagram grandma who represents ... »

Lincoln Center for Kids: Happening Now

Lincoln Center for Kids: Happening Now

TweetLincoln Center for Kids: endless programs and happenings to get your little ones in on all the culture and fun.  Living in or near NYC has its perks– we trade our literal space for our cultural space and generally love every minute of our access to live music, theater, and the arts and it starts from around the time we’re able to sit properly in chairs. Lincoln Center for the Perf... »

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