bonsai skulls

Beautiful Bonsai Skulls

TweetThese bonsai skulls are creepy chic. When people walk into my bedroom, one of the things they always say is that my décor is a little dark. I’ve also been told it looks like a hotel room (which I take as a compliment), and that my sensibilities are a little creepy (also, a compliment). So when I saw these bonsai skulls online, my first thought was ‘Do they come in gold?’ and if so, where can ... »

cathedral skate park

Century Old Church Becomes a Colorful Church Skate Park

TweetThis 100-year-old church in Spain was transformed into a hip church skate park. I am not a religious person, but I am a gay person, so even though I don’t particularly believe in any gods, I do believe in the fabulous architecture of century old cathedrals and churches. The church of Santa Barbera, in Llanera, Asturias was old and crumbling until the collective Church Brigade teamed up with R... »

real life disney princes

Real Life Disney Princes

TweetIf real life Disney princes are your fantasy, you’re welcome. Every young girl and gay guy that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s had a crush on at least one of the Disney princes. For me, it was Prince Eric, because something about his piercing blue eyes and willingness to sleep with a handicapped person that used to be a fish spoke to the charity in my soul. My other crush (even though he wasn’t... »

16th Century Gothic Chapel or Starry Night?

TweetThis 16th Century chapel became a stunning light show thanks to projection artist Miguel Chevalier. I don’t know about you, but cathedral ceilings are my slow jam. That may very well be the gayest thing I have ever said, but I’m sure you agree with me. At a recent charity event at the University of Cambridge, Paris-based projection artist Miguel Chevalier used his mad digital art skills to li... »

presidents as disney villains

The Presidential Candidates are Actually Disney Villains

TweetIs it possible that the presidential candidates are actually Disney Villains? I feel like I have said this before, but I feel like the current presidential elections are a fucking circus. The fact that Donald Trump is even running says a lot about our country, specifically, the middle of it. The fact that Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republicans says a lot about that party, specific... »

street murals

Street Murals Only Appear in Rain

TweetProject Monsoon creates colorful street murals that only appear in the rain. Monsoon season in South Korea happens annually, and it rains for as long as three weeks. I am sure all you curly-haired girls out there just spoke the words ’hell no’ out loud to yourselves, so I will have to give you another reason to visit. Designers in South Korea have found a way to make the gloomy rainy season a... »

lisa frank art

A Look Inside the World of Lisa Frank

TweetA long overdue peek into the world of Lisa Frank. If you were born in the 80s, you know exactly who the hell Lisa Frank is (unless of course, you’re a straight man, but I doubt that anyone who reads these posts is a straight man, right?). Long before Miley Cyrus was dancing around in a drugged-up frenzy with life-size teddy bears there was Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank basically took any dream any c... »

technology addiction

Sad Photographs Highlight Our Technology Addiction

TweetIs our addiction to technology ruining our relationships? I think a lot about technology addiction, mostly when I am looking at my phone on the toilet, or in the bath, or while laying out on a beautiful day, or hanging out with my family. Technology has completely changed the way we communicate, and sometimes nowadays it doesn’t feel like we are communicating at all. Photographer Eric Pickers... »

human model backpacks

Introducing Human Backpacks

TweetRick Owens is stunning people at Paris Fashion week with human backpacks on models. Earlier this year, Rick Owens sent male models out on the runway with their dicks hanging out. I can’t really say I have a problem with that, even though I think soft dicks look like sad little ant-eaters most of the time. In a bid to outdo himself, for his RTW Spring 2016 collection, he sent models down the c... »

female body photos

Totally Provocative Photos of the Female Body

TweetNew photo series focuses on the unpleasant realities of being a woman. I know this may seem uncouth, but I have to say that I am happy to be born a man. I feel like I get the best of both worlds since I get to enjoy penises, but don’t have to wear bras, bleed every month, shave my legs and armpits, deal with sore boobs, or live in a world that doesn’t value my contributions as much as a domin... »

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