adult coloring book

Adult Fun with Coloring Books

Adult fun with coloring books. »

everyday women

What Women Do When Nobody is Watching

Artist Sally Nixon captures everyday women when nobody is watching. »

disney hijab makeup artist

Makeup Artist Uses Her Hijab to Become Disney Princesses

Hijab Disney princesses. »

van gogh movie

Van Gogh’s Paintings Become A Fully Painted Movie

Van Gogh painted documentary. »

effects of drugs

Illustrations of the Effects of Drugs

The effects of drugs, illustrated. »

flemish lavatory portraits

15th Century Flemish Portraits in an Airplane Bathroom

Flemish airplane bathroom portaits. »

paper art

Awesome Baroque Wigs Made of Paper

Paper wig sculptures! »

museum snapchats

Awesome Museum Snapchats

Hilarious museum snapchats. »

starbucks cup art

Starbucks Cups or Works of Art?

TweetA young artist turns Starbucks cups into visual masterpieces. The thing I have always liked best about art is that there are so many different mediums to work with. An artist can choose to create art on virtually anything, and with the right inspiration, create something awesome. Carrah Aldridge, from Ohio embodies this idea perfectly, and creates amazing art out of her used Starbucks cups. H... »

Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

Star Wars French Bulldog Helps You Start 2016 Right

TweetThere’s a Star Wars French Bulldog traipsing around New Jersey. What happens when a new bride wants to impress her freshly minted husband during the holiday season without breaking the bank? You get their dog dressed up as just about every major character in his favorite film series of all time: Star Wars. READ MORE: The Most Fashionable French Bulldog on Instagram “I didn’t... »

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