16th Century Gothic Chapel or Starry Night?

TweetThis 16th Century chapel became a stunning light show thanks to projection artist Miguel Chevalier. I don’t know about you, but cathedral ceilings are my slow jam. That may very well be the gayest thing I have ever said, but I’m sure you agree with me. At a recent charity event at the University of Cambridge, Paris-based projection artist Miguel Chevalier used his mad digital art skills to li... »

presidents as disney villains

The Presidential Candidates are Actually Disney Villains

TweetIs it possible that the presidential candidates are actually Disney Villains? I feel like I have said this before, but I feel like the current presidential elections are a fucking circus. The fact that Donald Trump is even running says a lot about our country, specifically, the middle of it. The fact that Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republicans says a lot about that party, specific... »

liquid ass

Make Things Smell Horrible with Liquid Ass

TweetLiquid Ass will make any room smell like crap with just a few sprays. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt trapped? You wanted to leave with every fiber of your being, but your sister kept going on about how it was her wedding day, and she could have a total meltdown if she wanted to (just a for instance, of course). If you had some Liquid Ass on you, that crisis could have been a... »

tumblr boob commentary

Funny Boob Commentary, From Tumblr

TweetSome hilarious boob commentary, courtesy of Tumblr. There is really no denying it, boobs are kind of funny. You might think I wouldn’t write a lot about boobs since I am a gay man, but you would be absolutely wrong. In fact, I think I write more about boobs because I am a gay man. I have a lot more to say about them, well past ‘they look nice’ or ‘I want to touch them’ (the thoughts of my str... »

street murals

Street Murals Only Appear in Rain

TweetProject Monsoon creates colorful street murals that only appear in the rain. Monsoon season in South Korea happens annually, and it rains for as long as three weeks. I am sure all you curly-haired girls out there just spoke the words ’hell no’ out loud to yourselves, so I will have to give you another reason to visit. Designers in South Korea have found a way to make the gloomy rainy season a... »

Why ‘Hate Trolls’ May Actually Be Good

Why ‘Hate Trolls’ May Actually Be Good

TweetAlmost any hot topic post on Facebook becomes filled with hate trolls within minutes of being posted, but should we really spend so much energy fighting back? Unless a facebook post is about cute animals, everyone has an opinion, and it seems like the whole internet just exists for people with meaningless opinions to have the ability to scream-type their usually unfounded thoughts at each oth... »

Why Blogging Networks are Bad for Bloggers AND Brands

Why Blogging Networks are Bad for Bloggers AND Brands

TweetBlogging networks have popped up everywhere, claiming to be the route to ‘easy, steady’ cash for many bloggers. Turns out they’re only the ‘easy, steady’ route to cash for themselves. I’ve been blogging for 7 years with enough income to make it my full-time gig. I come and go as I please mostly, but don’t be fooled– maintaining a blog with signi... »

Emoji Keyboards, Now a Thing

Emoji Keyboards, Now a Thing

TweetIf you’ve been holding your breath waiting for emoji keyboards for your computer to become a reality, it’s time to exhale. You can now type little poop emojis to anyone you want from just about every place you have a keyboard. The emoji keyboard has been one of the major reasons apple users have preferred to text via their phones vs using the iMessage app for desktop and laptop co... »

A Rapping Halloween House

TweetThis rapping Halloween house is the definition of Halloween spirit. I know straight people are all about Christmas and Thanksgiving or whatever, but for the gays, Halloween is by far the best holiday. Not only to do we get to walk around in public wearing next to nothing, but everyone else is doing it too. For once, our walks of shame are greeted with smiles instead of judgmental glares, and ... »

lisa frank art

A Look Inside the World of Lisa Frank

TweetA long overdue peek into the world of Lisa Frank. If you were born in the 80s, you know exactly who the hell Lisa Frank is (unless of course, you’re a straight man, but I doubt that anyone who reads these posts is a straight man, right?). Long before Miley Cyrus was dancing around in a drugged-up frenzy with life-size teddy bears there was Lisa Frank. Lisa Frank basically took any dream any c... »

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