disney cosplay

This Disney Cosplay is Pretty Flawless

Flawless Disney cosplay. »

disney sites

If Websites Were Disney Movies

Disney movies as websites. »

extreme hipsters

12 Hipsters Who Brought New Meaning to the Word

Extreme hipstering. »

adult coloring book

Adult Fun with Coloring Books

Adult fun with coloring books. »

everyday women

What Women Do When Nobody is Watching

Artist Sally Nixon captures everyday women when nobody is watching. »

homemade fashions

This Boy is Fabulous and Everyone Needs to Know

TweetThis young boy’s fashions are the stuff internet dreams are made of. Pretty much every homo in the world has had at least one memory of making a one-shoulder dress out of basketball shorts, or wearing a towel on his head in a bid to be the next Naomi Campbell. With the great strides we have made in recent years towards equality, gay kids are popping out of the woodwork everywhere, and parents... »

gay lions

The Gay Lions of Botswana

TweetApparently, being a gay lion in Africa isn’t that uncommon. Homosexual behavior has been recording in over 450 species, including flamingos, bison, beetles, warthogs, and obviously humans, since I am basically writing this with a dick in my mouth. Thanks to lawyer and photographer Nicole Cambre, the internet now features the first photos of gay lions mating, and frankly, its about time.... »

crazy products on groupon

Ridiculous Products Available on Groupon Now

Silly products on Groupon. »

dangerous animals

Adorable Animals That Could Murder You in Your Sleep

Adorably violent animals. »

promise land gay book

Finally, a Gay Children’s Fairy Tale

A gay children's book. »

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