Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (relationship saboteur edition)

I only have two thoughts so far today… maybe the piles of snow are limiting me, who knows.

1) I’m a Relationship Saboteur. I’m officially awful at relationships. For the first time in forever (actually, ever) I’ve been dating a man that gives me no grief whatsoever. He’s nice, thoughtful, handsome, and a good dad. Last night we somehow ended up winding our way through a conversation about past relationships which led to the inevitable discussion of what we want out of the future. He wants marriage and more kids (or kid) in the not incredibly distant future. Instead of me recognizing that as a good thing, I just confessed that the idea of more responsibilities scares the hell out of me.  The truth is, I’d like more kids yesterday, but I need to feel secure enough in the idea of love before getting to the kid stuff (because I know all too well that not every relationship works out forever). Then I realized that he probably just took a step back from me in general. What’s the right way to do things? Do you work on yourself enough to get to the point of being able to say “yes, I can be a good wife and the perfect mother to several of your babies plus mine,” or do you just leap blindly into life with the hope of it all panning out and that some bigger sense of destiny is on your side? #idefinitelyfuckedthisoneup

2) This Song is Good. Enjoy the old country jamz! Greek men are good news.

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