Bow Wow: In the Dog House?…!…?

Bow Wow, formerly of the Lil’ Bow Wows, skipped out on his baby mama’s labor due to ‘squeamishness,’ which prompted the would-be Mrs. Wow to leave his name off of the baby’s birth certificate. Bow Wow was too squeamish to watch the birth of child? Thank god he’s not gangta enough to get shot for any reason, little biatch that he is. Seems like the mother did the right thing, in any case. I know I’d feel extreme and warranted embarrassment in writing ‘Name of Father/Parent: Bow Wow’ on a birth certificate. Wow, indeed.

Bow Wow did manage to show up six days after the child was born and was forgiven by Joie, the mother of his child. A judge will amend the birth certificate.

[View the certificate here, via TMZ]'
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