Beauty Spotting: Xen-Tan Hard To Reach Back Applicator

One of the worst things about applying a self-tanner is not being able to reach or see certain hard to reach spots like the middle of your back. You go through all this trouble to rub this stuff on, stand naked in your room in the shape of a star for a few minutes to dry and once your tan shows up, your friends point out that “You totally missed your back, girl! HAHAHAHAHAHA!.” I have no idea why I haven’t heard of a self-tanning back applicator until now, but it looks like it’ll be saving my back from a long and splotchy summer.'
By Olga
Olga is a fast talking East Coast girl who takes no bull or prisoners. When not kicking a$$ and taking names, she can be found being awesome up and down the East Village. In her down time, Olga practices power yoga and drinks hand-crafted cocktails - sometimes at once.