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Beating the “Greener Grass” Syndrome. Three Ways to Reinvigorate Your Relationship

By • Apr 2nd, 2013 • Category: Advice, Dating, SEX AND RELATIONSHIPS, Sex Life

Its no secret that long term relationships are a bitch. No matter how compatible you are with your partner it is inevitable that at some point your eye will start to wander a bit. Human nature is a bitch, too. Luckily, even though the grass always seems greener, it normally isn’t. Here are a few ways to re-invigorate your relationship.

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1. Commit to getting out of your comfort zone. Habits are a bitch, too. When you get into a relationship it is super easy to fall into a routine and become complacent. Its only natural that you will find comfort in doing the same things over and over with the same person, until one day you wake up and realize how insanely boring that is. Commit to each other that you will try something new at least once a week. This can be something as simple as taking a dancing or cooking class, or as insane as booking a last minute trip to zip-line over the Amazon River. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone though, because the point of the exercise is to do it together, and form new bonds and memories by trusting your partner to be there when things get uncomfortable.

2. Take a break. This is a natural extension of #1, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in our relationship and “being a couple” that we lose sight of ourselves. The reason they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder is because its true. When I say: “take a break” I don’t mean “go fuck everyone you can get your grubby little shellacked paws on”, unless of course that is your thing. What I mean is that you should get away from each other and experience some things on your own. Whether it’s taking a girls trip where you cut off all communication with him, or moving in with a girlfriend for a week and spending that time having sleepovers and convincing strangers at bars to buy you drinks, spending some time reconnecting with yourself is a surefire way to remind him why he fell in love with you in the first place.

3. Experiment sexually. Routine is the enemy of romance. It’s no secret that if you are jabbed relentlessly by the same erection every morning, you will eventually tire of it. In order to beat this phenomenon, you have to explore your lover and his or her body parts in a different way. A few easy suggestions are: Role playing, sex books, new sex positions, not wearing panties in public, sex in random bathrooms or outdoors, or putting a tarp down, oiling each other up, and wrestling naked. The possibilities are endless, but the idea is to be actively seeking out new ways to climax with each other within the comfort and safety of your LTR.

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