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Aveeno Daily Moisture Giveaway

By • Dec 2nd, 2013 • Category: BEAUTY

With Winter skin hydration on everyone’s mind, we decided we’d go ahead and partner with Aveeno to give 50 (that’s right, fifty!) lucky winners some much needed moisture. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion has been one of our fave go-to beauty items for years already, and we’re excited to be able to give so much away! It’s packed with skin-loving emollients and Colloidal Oatmeal to keep you fabulously smooth until the first signs of Spring. 50 winners will receive a 1 ounce bottle, perfect to store in a purse or desk drawer for emergency moisture moments!

Open to US residents.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Comment here telling us about your biggest Winter skin woes- is it dry legs? Dull facial skin? We want to know!

2. Tweet at us with this: Hey @luxuryspot I want to win the #LoveAveeno prize!

3. Share this post on your Facebook wall, and tag our Facebook page so we can see it! Make sure you’re a fan so you can tag us :)

For extra credit, pin this post on pinterest as well… And keep tweeting up a storm for more chances to win! Make sure you follow @luxuryspot and @brycegruber  on Twitter!

Winner will be announced by December 20, 2013


This giveaway was sponsored by the good folks at Aveeno, and we’re beyond excited since we really love and stand behind the products they make!

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  1. Dry everywhere…dry legs, hands, face, lips….


  3. Please Help My Face for winter!! I have combo skin, but winter DRY’S out my Cheeks & forhead. My skin tone looks uneven and the light wrinkles look bigger! HELP! Author, Catherine Lyon :-)

  4. Flaky skin on my forehead!

  5. I have really dry skin.

  6. I started using Aveeno when I was bed riden after I had ankle surgery and it was a life saver! My skin was actually cracking from dryness. It totally was a lifesaver!

  7. my legs are terribly dry

  8. i follow both of you @clallen1971 and i tweeted

  9. facebook post

  10. dry skin!

  11. Cracked heeels

  12. My face gets so chapped and dry!

  13. totally itchy dry legs

  14. My legs and back get so itchy and dry in the winter. Aveeno is the best cream.

  15. Following you both on twitter @mefink

  16. No matter what I do my legs are so dry, itchy and flaky it’s maddening!

  17. I hate dry skin in winter. Between the forced hot air heating system and the cold…my skin is in need of some major hydration. I really hate the dry legs and dry hands…also dry chapped lip!! Dreaming of spring already!

  18. My legs and feet need a lot of help in the winter – dry, cracked skin is unpleasant!

  19. My skin cracks on the edge of my nails…it’s maddening. I use tons of Aveeno in the winter!

  20. Ugh, my entire body is crazy dry during the winter. I totally need some lotion over here.

  21. My fingers crack around the nail!!! They hurt so bad!!! Need a good lotion!

  22. My hands are the driest they’ve ever been this year! @banina9

  23. My legs are always dry during the winter months

  24. legs and feet

  25. Dry skin on my legs, hands and face. Hate that tight feeling too!

  26. Dry skin on my legs, hands and face..

  27. I have dry, parched EVERYTHING!!! New York winters are tough on my legs, hands, body and face! From the bitter cold wind whipping at me when I go outside to the dry heat constantly blowing inside…it really does a number on my skin! Help save me from becoming a dried, shriveled up, “older than I am” looking prune!!! :(

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  29. I have terrible dry skin on my face legs and elbows!

  30. Pinned:

  31. I am a crone, itchy witchy everywhere! LOL Legs and hands have to be the worst.

  32. My biggest skin woe in the winter is a constantly peeling nose!!

  33. Tweeted:

  34. During the winter my skin is so dry. My hands feel like they are trying to break free from my skin.

  35. Tweeted

  36. i has a dull sensitive skin

  37. Mine would be cracked/dry hands. It can be painful at times.

  38. I have really skin and Aveeno is so good for my dry skin.

  39. My hands get really dry in the winter.

    Charity S


  41. Shared on Facebook

  42. I hate my dry cracked skin every winter.

  43. Dry cracked hands.

  44. I spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold winter elements enjoying winter sports so my entire body gets very dry skin. I am always looking for a moisturizer that is going to be healing and hydrating. Thanks so much for the chance to enter. Aveeno products are supposed to be wonderful!

  45. I’m a long time twitter follower, @joannaonthelake and you know I am tweeting! Thanks!

  46. My dry itchy legs drive me crazy in the winter…ugh


  48. still won’t let me log in – but onto other things with all the cold dry air outside and the hot dry air inside my skin is taking a beating – hands are cracking and skin is flaing – already like both avenno & luxury spot FB pages

  49. Think very crunchy flaky dry legs – and you have a good idea…I love black tights in the winter, but hate the white flakes!


  51. my whole body is dry uhghhh

  52. It’s like a snow storm of dry skin when I take my clothes off. I need to try some Aveeno please!

  53. My entire body gets soooo dry and parched, my skin looks like lizard skin!! NOT cute!!

  54. Tweeted

  55. my elbows are the worst

  56. My skin gets too flaky n dry especially hands n foots!

  57. My biggest problem would have to be dry legs & face :(

    Tweeting via @xriyah
    & Sharing on FB via Maria Love

  58. My biggest problem is my face. When I go out in the cold it burns, itches and becomes very chapped and dry

  59. extremely dry & red nose is my biggest winter problem!

  60. My legs are the worse~so dry and itchy!

  61. Dry skin during these cold winter months are my biggest skin woes!

  62. My skin gets so dry and cracked during the winter months :(

  63. dry and itchy! yuck

  64. dry legs, hands and feet

  65. The skin on my face dries out so much at this time of the year

  66. dry hands and legs

  67. dry skin

  68. dry hands

  69. Dry feet is my biggest issue during the winter. Lips and hands too, but they are pretty easy to cure.

  70. My Biggest issue is dry everything! My skin gets really dry in the winter from dry hands to dry face and legs. Thanks so much for this awesome chance

  71. Dry and chapped hands :(

  72. My elbows and legs are PARCHED in the winter!!!!! :(

  73. My hands and face are always so dry in the winter!

  74. My hands crack like crazy and my elbows are super dry.

  75. The cold weather makes my legs itch, Aveeno is a lifesaver!

  76. The winter makes my whole body dry and itchy,

  77. Stuff, rough, dry hands. Yuck!

  78. The cold, dry wind of New Mexico turns me into a dessicated, sad girl. Lips become chapped. Cuticles crack. Legs scaley and depressed. :( Aveeno, take me awayyyyyyyyy……..

  79. Dry skin on my face, hands and legs!

  80. I RT’d!!
    My biggest winter woes are dry hands & legs!

  81. Would love this!!

  82. Saw the tweet looking for comments!!…. I look like a crocodile. SEND HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. My face is so sensitive and gets dry when it’s cold

  84. My hands go extremely dry (wrinkle-looking which is embarrassing because they look way older than I am!) & they go really red when it is super cold or snowing :(
    Have tweeted too

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