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cat eyeliner how to step 3

DIY Perfect Cat Eyeliner

TweetLove the perfect cat eyeliner look that seems to be everywhere? Here’s how to DIY. So long as we are chatting about elusive eye makeup techniques (cut crease anyone?), let’s talk about nailing the perfect cat eyeliner. Getting a cat eye flick to look good can be a serious struggle. Makeup brands finally caught on and have started making things like cat eye stamps and stickers to m... »

Rosie The Riveter

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You’ll Actually Like

TweetOur 10 easiest last minute Halloween costume ideas you can pull together in a jiffy A lot of the last minute halloween costumes we’ve seen are a little, shall we say, less than cute (please, for the love of everything don’t go as the ‘trashy’ version of a police officer, mmmkay?). We’ve totally been there too! On the day of your halloween party realizing you don&... »

Mermaid Makeup Scales

Easy DIY Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

TweetThe easiest DIY mermaid makeup tutorial ever. You are welcome. Bags of candy have been purchased, the house is clad with a mountain of fake spiderwebs, and official costume prep has begun. We’ve shown you some cute halloween costumes like Holly Golightly and some less cute zombie makeup, so today we’ve got something in between with mermaid makeup. That’s right — all yo... »

Ear Makeup Dip Dye

Ear Makeup Is A Thing, Here’s Why

TweetEar makeup is a thing, people. We’re not kidding. High fashion never fails to amaze with what kooky thing will be hot next. That’s right, you read the hed correctly — ear makeup is actually a thing and it shows no signs of slowing down. It first started in 2014 at an Anthony Vaccarello show. Models walked the runway with inky, dip-dyed ears. But ear makeup didn’t reall... »

zombie makeup

DIY Zombie Nurse Halloween Makeup Tutorial

TweetYou want to look like a zombie nurse, eh? We’ve got that makeup tutorial, no worries. We are now only two-ish weeks away from all hallows’ eve so it’s really go-time for figuring out your costume. You could dress up as something cute like a Disney princess or Audrey Hepburn. You could go for something political — get a spray tan for Donald Trump or a power suit for Cli... »

line lips

10 Lipstick Application Hacks to Try Now

Tweet10 lipstick application hacks you need to try now to up your lip game Lipstick is arguably the best bit of makeup, and if you disagree, that’s cool — argue it out in the comments section below. It can totally change up your look, brighten your face, and put you in a good mood. If you’ve ever struggled with lipstick application, you know, getting it to look good and last all ... »

How To Wear The 10 Pantone 2017 Spring Colors On Your Face

How To Wear The 10 Pantone 2017 Spring Colors On Your Face

TweetLoving the Pantone 2017 colors? Us too, so we whipped up a quick tutorial for wearing ’em on your face with elegance. The colorful fortune tellers over at Pantone have done it again. They’ve put together the top ten colors that you’ll be seeing throughout Spring 2017, and we like them. We like Pantone 2017 a lot. They range from the not so surprising “Kale” to th... »

DIY Carrera Marble Nails (your counters aren’t enough)

DIY Carrera Marble Nails (your counters aren’t enough)

TweetCarrera marble nails will match your bathroom vanity, and that’s obvi what you’re looking for in life. Carrera marble is one of the interior trends we never thought would last so long. It’s crisp and clean and obviously very luxurious so we are totally down for marble to stay a thing pretty much forever. If you just can’t get enough marble in your home, or in your life... »

How To Wear Navy Makeup In A Modern Way

How To Wear Navy Makeup In A Modern Way

TweetLove navy makeup but don’t know how to rock it in a modern way? Read on, sister. Out of the blue ’80s style staples have started making a comeback, and that includes the ever-glorious navy makeup look our moms used to rock. Perms are a thing again, neon colors had a moment, and now we’re back to bright-hued eye makeup. Luckily these throwback fads have grown up a bit in the ... »

DIY Audrey Hepburn’s Makeup from Breakfast At Tiffany’s

DIY Audrey Hepburn’s Makeup from Breakfast At Tiffany’s

TweetAudrey Hepburn’s makeup from Breakfast at Tiffany’s was flawless. Here’s how you can DIY: This week marks the 55th anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The film stars the one and only Audrey Hepburn sporting a makeup look so classic that people have been wearing it ever since. When you pair Audrey Hepburn’s makeup with a big updo, baby bangs, and a chic black d... »

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