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DIY Fraser Tartan Nail Art

DIY Fraser Tartan Nail Art

TweetOur very official guide to Fraser tartan nail art, because plaid on your nails is what you need. We are finally getting into the holiday season — my favorite for nail art, especially tartan nail art.. Something about turning on a really bad made for TV holiday movie about a horse that brought a family together, or a Santa’s my boyfriend rom-com while doing nail art just feels like... »

DIY Ombre Lips Tutorial Two Ways

DIY Ombre Lips Tutorial Two Ways

TweetLove the ombre lips look? Us too, so we broke it down for you. We’ve been chatting off and on about makeup for social media (ie makeup you probably wouldn’t wear to knit with your grandma or go grocery shopping). As much as I love glamorous cut crease eye makeup (and perfectly photographing it) it’s not really everyday wear. But finally we’ve come to the one Instagram ... »

10 Secret Beauty Tips I’m Obsessed With

10 Secret Beauty Tips I’m Obsessed With

Tweet10 secret beauty tips I’m obsessed with (and you may be, too) As a beauty writer I spend pretty much all day thinking about makeup, hair, nail polish, the works. And, of course, testing products and techniques. When you spend so much time with makeup and hair and, you’ll start to use products in an off label way just for fun, so I’ve put together my favorite secret beauty ti... »

New Orleans Desserts Bread Pudding

10 Best Creole Desserts in New Orleans

TweetThe 10 best Creole desserts in New Orleans that you absolutely need in your belly right now. In New Orleans we have a thing with food. We like a lot of it, as decadent as possible, yes please. One thing that is often overlooked in the NOLA food culture is dessert — especially our amazingly rich Creole desserts. Sure, people know we have the French and Creole staples of everything else, ... »

Cut Crease Makeup Step 3

DIY Flawless Cut Crease Eyeshadow

TweetYour guide to flawless cut crease eyeshadow, because you’re a cool girl. Oh, the cut crease. It’s one of those makeup techniques that has always been cool. But you would think for something so dramatic, it would be a fad, right? Well, not really. Think back to 1960’s Twiggy. I bet you pictured her with a cut crease liner without even putting it into the equation. After the 1... »

profile photo

10 Beauty Photography Tips You Need To Know For Social Media

TweetBeauty photography is the key to a jazzy looking social profile, so we put together everything you’ll need to be ultra successful on camera. Right now is the age of the selfie, and if you are a beauty buff, it is SO important to master your beauty photography skills. Have you noticed that photos of you get more likes than photos of literally anything else? People want to see your pretty... »

ballet makeup lashes

DIY Ballet Makeup For Naturally Elegant Ladies

TweetLove ballet makeup? So do we, so we broke down the look into a simply DIY. Now that Halloween is over it’s time for makeup looks you can actually wear in public. Maybe your office is really cool and encourages you wearing mermaid scale makeup to work, but probably not. To ease you back into the real world here is a ballet makeup themed look. It’s super quick but looks refined and ... »

cat eyeliner how to step 3

DIY Perfect Cat Eyeliner

TweetLove the perfect cat eyeliner look that seems to be everywhere? Here’s how to DIY. So long as we are chatting about elusive eye makeup techniques (cut crease anyone?), let’s talk about nailing the perfect cat eyeliner. Getting a cat eye flick to look good can be a serious struggle. Makeup brands finally caught on and have started making things like cat eye stamps and stickers to m... »

Rosie The Riveter

10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You’ll Actually Like

TweetOur 10 easiest last minute Halloween costume ideas you can pull together in a jiffy A lot of the last minute halloween costumes we’ve seen are a little, shall we say, less than cute (please, for the love of everything don’t go as the ‘trashy’ version of a police officer, mmmkay?). We’ve totally been there too! On the day of your halloween party realizing you don&... »

Mermaid Makeup Scales

Easy DIY Mermaid Makeup Tutorial

TweetThe easiest DIY mermaid makeup tutorial ever. You are welcome. Bags of candy have been purchased, the house is clad with a mountain of fake spiderwebs, and official costume prep has begun. We’ve shown you some cute halloween costumes like Holly Golightly and some less cute zombie makeup, so today we’ve got something in between with mermaid makeup. That’s right — all yo... »

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