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traveling rubber duck

Stolen Rubber Duck Returns After Traveling the World for Five Years

A traveling rubber ducky! »

grandma confessions

The Funniest Grandma Confessions on the Internet

Amazing old lady confessions. »

balloon animal art

Balloon Animals Are Now a Legit Art Form

Balloon animal art. »

italy food waste laws

New Laws in Italy Aim to End Food Waste

Italy is killing it with new food waste laws. »

gaycation destinations

Five Destinations for a Great Gaycation

Take a gaycation today! »

trans bathroom issues

LA Bar Uses Bruce and Caitlyn Images for Bathroom Signage

Bruce and Caitlyn bathroom signage. »

natural art

Magical Artwork Made of Nature

TweetSculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates works of art with natural materials. When it comes to art, I am always down for interesting pieces created by artists that are trying to speak to a cause. Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy is one such artist. Goldsworthy creates his art by using found objects in nature, and arranging them in interesting ways, using paint to bring it all to life. His work has... »

island of saipan

Saipan: The Hidden Tropical Island in the US

A tropical island in the US. »

hairless cats in wigs

Hairless Cats Living the Thug Life

Hairless thug cats. »

chinese cave people

Tens of Millions of People in China Live in Caves

30 million people live in caves in China. »

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