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father son makeup makeover

Father and Son Makeup Portraits are Totally Fierce

Father-son beauty. »

the low line

The World’s First Underground Park is Approved in NYC

The Low Line underground park. »

lgbt rights in schools

California Schools Will Now Teach LGBT History

California has added LGBT rights to its public school curriculum. »

pokemon go

Man Quits His Job to Play Pokemon Go Full Time

Man quits his job for Pokemon Go. »

cow attack deterrent

Scientists Protect Cows from Lions By Painting Eyes on Their Butts

Scientists paint eyes on the butts of cattle to protect them from lions. »

nivea robot seagull

Nivea Builds a Seagull That Poops Sunscreen

A sunscreen-crapping robot seagull. »

In a Few Years We Will All Look Brazilian

In a Few Years We Will All Look Brazilian

In a few years we will all look Brazilian. »

most beautiful trees

Five Most Beautiful Trees in the World

Beautiful trees around the world. »

inside north korea

Illegal Photos Inside North Korea

Illegal photos inside North Korea. »

worlds fittest grandmother

World’s Fittest Grandma Will Put You to Shame

TweetAt 80-years old, Ernestine Sheperd may be the world’s fittest grandma. I hate going to the gym, but the world’s fittest grandma is making me look like a lazy lump of coal, so I may have to change that soon. Ernestine Shepherd, an 80-year-old grandmother puts me to shame. After reeling the death of her sister due to a surprise brain aneurysm, Ernestine decided it was time to get in shape... »

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