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An Open Letter from a Mom of 2 Gay Sons

An Open Letter from a Mom of 2 Gay Sons

TweetMy mom is a single mom of four children, including 2 gay sons, and penned this open letter mostly to the moms of the Orlando victims, but also for every mother to a LGBT child in the world. As a single parent of 2 gay sons, my mother was understandably shaken by the tragedy in Orlando, especially because we are from Florida and I used to live in that area. One of the first things I did when I... »

naked restaurant london

Inside Bunyadi, London’s Only Naked Restaurant

A naked restaurant in London. »

ugly food

We Shouldn’t Waste Food Just Because it’s Ugly

Wasting imperfect food. »

Eddie Sotomayor Turned Out to be My Real Life Hero

Eddie Sotomayor Turned Out to be My Real Life Hero

TweetEddie Sotomayor was a real life friend and hero– not just another name on the list of Orlando’s tragic casualties. The first thing I thought when I heard that my friend, Eddie Sotomayor, was one of the casualties of yesterday’s heartbreaking massacre of LGBT people was simply that he was ‘one of us.’ I don’t mean that he was gay, or that he was from Florida, I mean that he was one... »

brock turner hex

Witches Put a Hex on the Stanford Rapist

Witches put a hex on the Stanford rapist. »

one line tattoos

These Awesome Tattoos are Made of Only One Line

One line tattoos. »

real life noahs ark

Inside a Full-Scale Recreation of Noah’s Ark

A recreation of Noah's Ark from the bible. »

tikka masala seagull

Tikka Masala Seagull is a Culinary Miracle

A bright orange tikka masala seagull. »

gender list

New York Just Released a List of 31 Official Genders

Official genders in New York. »

funny wet animals

Wet Animals are Both Hideous and Hilarious, FYI

Some animals are hideous when wet. »

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