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breast cancer survivor swimsuits

Awesome Swimsuits for Breast Cancer Survivors

Swimsuits for breast cancer survivors. »

plus size male dancer

This Plus-Size Male Ballet Dancer is Challenging Stereotypes

Plus size male ballet dancer. »

manchineel tree

This Florida Tree Could Totally Murder You

Poisonous tree in Florida. »

flintstone car

The Illegally Parked Flintstone Car in Key West

TweetSomebody abandoned an illegally-parked Flintstone car in Key West. I am sure we are at the point where nobody is surprised when something bat-shit crazy happens in Florida. Florida is, after all, the New Jersey of the South. This week, an abandoned Flintstone car has been making its rounds on The Internet. Apparently somebody parked it illegally in Key West, and the city is trying to locate t... »

man catches dildo in mouth

Man Catches a Dildo in His Mouth

TweetReddit is blowing up with this gif of a man catching a dildo in his mouth. Even though I am gay, there are still things out there in the world that can shock me. I have seen a lot of things go into a lot of mouths, and even been party to a few of those experiences myself, but this video probably takes the cake. This gif is the stuff that viral videos are made of, and pretty much the reason th... »

celebrity fan art photoshop

Celebrities Photoshopped Into Fan Art

Photoshop fan art. »


53 Year Old Man Can Run 350 Miles Without Stopping

This man never gets tired of running. »

labyrinth slippers

You Need These Labyrinth Slippers NOW

TweetThese Labyrinth-inspired slippers are what dreams are made of. Anybody who has never seen the movie Labyrinth, especially after David Bowie’s timely passing, should immediately had to Blockbuster Video and rent the video cassette. Or download it. Whichever option makes more sense to your millennial minds. Some damn beautiful bastard out there in the world managed to make plush slippers out of... »

genderless boys japan

Genderless Harajuku Boys in Japan

Harjuku boys in Japan. »


Finally, Your Cat Can Talk to You

A collar that lets cats talk. »

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