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vladimir putin scented candle

A Vladimir Putin Scented Candle

A candle that smells like a Russian dictator. »

van gogh bedroom

Van Gogh’s Bedroom is on Airbnb

Van Gogh's bedroom is on Airbnb! »

neverending story museum

Ride Falkor in The Never Ending Story Museum

The Neverending Story museum. »

androgynous lionesses

Androgynous Lionesses in Botswana

Androgynous lionesses. »

bored rich kids

Bored Rich Kids on Snapchat

Bored rich kids on Snapchat. »

bisexual animals

Bisexual Animals: yes, seriously

Bisexual animals. »

only in dubai

Things That Could Only Happen in Dubai

TweetThis little oasis is the birthplace of the word ostentatious, and for that we celebrate the things that could only happen in Dubai. For some reason, this Jeep has a Siamese twin. I have never personally been to Dubai, but I have seen the second Sex and the City movie enough times to have a general idea of what it’s like (even though, as I am aware, that was Abu Dhabi). You can’t look at photo... »

paper art

Awesome Baroque Wigs Made of Paper

Paper wig sculptures! »

bar inside a tree

Drink Your Liquor at a Bar Inside a Tree

A bar inside a tree. »

museum snapchats

Awesome Museum Snapchats

Hilarious museum snapchats. »

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