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12 Reasons to Try Moroccan Dick

12 Reasons to Try Moroccan Dick

TweetMoroccan dick is some of the best dick in Africa.   It doesn’t matter whether you have seen the movie Casablanca, or are just an avid Sex and the City fan (they filmed the scenes from Sex and the City 2 in Morocco) — chances are you have heard of Morocco. On the off chance that you haven’t, Morocco is a North African country known for beautiful outdoor markets, gorgeous architectur... »

hot jamaican

15 Reasons Jamaican Dick is Great

TweetJamaican dick is a Caribbean delicacy. Let me start by saying that I have never actually slept with a Jamaican man. Of all the colors of the gay rainbow, I don’t think I’ve ever even met a gay Jamaican man. That being said I have plenty of girlfriends who tell me plenty of stories, so I still have a basis for my Jamaican dick knowledge. Also, I am a huge fan of trying everything once, and tha... »

mexican penis

Why I Love Canadian Dick

TweetCanadian dick = the most underrated dick in North America. Are you the type of girl that has been searching the United States for the perfect dick all of her life, but has never managed to find it? Have you dated a bunch of American dicks, and constantly been disappointed by their rudeness, penchant for ghosting, and general girth and length? If so, I suggest you head to Canada in your search... »

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You Need to Try Mexican Penis if You Haven’t Already

TweetMexican penis is even better than tacos. As a gay man, I would like to proudly state that I have tried (or plan to try) pretty much every color, ethnicity, and nationality of penis on the global menu of penisry. And yes, I am aware that penisry probably isn’t a word, but I mentioned that I am gay, and making up words is one of our favorite pastimes (ex: hunty, yass, fierce), second only to ex... »

12 Reasons Why Indian Penis is the Best

12 Reasons Why Indian Penis is the Best

TweetIf you have never tried an Indian penis, now is a good a time as any.   You may not know this about me (since most people assume I am Hispanic, or white with a really good tan), but I am 25% Indian. And by Indian, I mean that my bloodline derives from India, not that my ancestors inspired the movie Dancing with Wolves. I can’t rightly say that being part Indian has given me any huge adva... »

lgbtqa equinox video

Opinion: Equinox Tried Unsuccessfully to Define LGBTQA for Pride

TweetEquinox made a powerful video for gay pride, but I think it needs adjustments. First off, let me start by saying that I fully support any cause that helps to increase awareness of gay, lesbian, and trans issues, as well as any other letters they decide to add in. LGBT has transformed into LGBTQIU, LGBTQA, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually grew to become LGBTQLMNOP. I am totally all... »

Why I Support the New Rainbow Flag

Why I Support the New Rainbow Flag

TweetPhiladelphia recently added black and brown to make a new rainbow flag to promote racial diversity, and some gays have a problem with it. I never really liked the rainbow flag. I am from a generation of lazy gays. Even though I grew up in a small town where I was the only openly gay guy in high school, I was still lucky enough to make it through unscathed (apart from obvious slurs and light b... »

anal sex

How to Have Anal Sex Without Pain

TweetOur guide on how to have anal sex without pain will please you, guaranteed. Let me be frank, I have had anal sex hundreds of times. In my mind, anal sex is the best because of the intimacy it creates with otherwise random people. The only problem is that anal often comes with a good amount of pain, since you are inserting a dick where no dick was technically meant to go, if you follow the nat... »

greek dicks

Greek Dick is Better Than Baklava, Here’s Why

TweetIf you have never experienced Greek dick, now is the time to give it a try. Anyone who has ever been on Pinterest knows how beautiful Greece is. From the crisp white walls of Santorini to the deep blue Mediterranean Sea, even Helen Keller could tell you that Greece is gorgeous. There is also a stereotype out there that Greek men are gorgeous too, which is definitely true if you don’t mind flo... »

condom robbery

30,000 Top Rated Condoms Were Just Stolen from the LELO Hex Warehouse

Tweet30,000 top rated condoms were just stolen from the LELO Hex warehouse in Las Vegas. As anyone with an unexpected baby or incurable sexually transmitted infection can tell you, safe sex is important. The benefits of not having to concern yourself with another life for 18 years (or more), or explain your entire sexual history to random hookups for the rest of time are pretty obvious. Are they w... »

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