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adult babies

An Adult Baby Fetish Store Opens in Illinois

Adult baby fetishes. »

saudi arabia bumper cars

Bumper Cars: The Only Way Women Can Drive in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian bumper cars for women. »

man hole art

Artist Uses Manholes to Spotlight Homelessness

Manhole covers spotlight homelessness. »

native american five genders

Native American Gender Roles Weren’t a Thing

Native American gender roles. »

persian hercules

Meet the Persian Hercules

A Persian real-life Hercules. »

L train east river condom

Could a Giant Inflatable Condom Replace the L-Train?

The East River L-train condom. »

nypd gay patrol car

NYPD SUV Goes Gay for Pride Weekend

A gay NYPD patrol car. »

blue wine

Blue Wine is Now Totally a Thing

Blue wine is finally a thing. »

extinct global warming

A First Mammal Has Gone Extinct from Climate Change

The first mammal has gone extinct from global warming. »

green screen queen

The Green Screen Queen of England

TweetQueen Elizabeth’s unfortunate color choice has lead to a viral internet meme. Picking the right color to wear is always pretty tough, especially for people in the public eye. The Queen of England recently learned this the hard way, when she wore neon green for her birthday celebration. Unfortunately she didn’t realize she wore the exact shade of green that movie-makers use for post-production... »

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