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bikini model with cushings

Bikini Model’s Weight Gain Signals Cancer & Cushings Disease

TweetA former bikini model’s weight gain was the main clue to her cancer and Cushings disease discoveries. Victoria Perez was a former bikini model, fitness enthusiast, medical student, and single mom to a beautiful 4 year old son when her health started to decline quickly with no discernible cause. It began years before with simple fatigue. “I remember being tired all the time. I think over... »

funky haircolor kids

Should You Give Your Kids a Funky Hair Makeover?

Kids with funky haircolor. »

yoga with goats

Yoga with Goats!

Yoga with goats is a thing! »

morgan freeman gps

Morgan Freeman’s Voice for Your GPS (finally!)

Morgan Freeman finally voices GPS. »

super strong coffee

This Coffee has 80 Times More Caffeine Than Regular Java

This super strong coffee is called the Asskicker. »

brownies for the homeless

A Student Donates a Lifetime Supply of Brownies to a Homeless Shelter

Brownies for the homeless! »

kiss portraits

Artwork made of Kisses

Portraits made of kisses. »

australian money

Introducing Australia’s Super-Futuristic New Money

Australia's new futuristic money. »

smooshed cats

Smooshed Cats are Taking Over the Internet

Cats smooshed on glass tabletops. »

crazy donut combinations

A Grilled Cheese Donut, and Other Weird Donut Creations

Crazy donut combinations! »

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