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the breakup shop

The Breakup Shop Will End Your Relationship For You

TweetThe Breakup Shop is a website that will break up with your partner for you. The old adage that ‘breaking up is hard to do’ has held true for a reason. I remember in my last breakup, I said my piece, then he convinced me to hang out with him one last time, then I left, which was totally awkward and no fun for anyone. There is literally no good way to break up with someone. The Breakup Shop aim... »


Behold the Cthurkey

TweetThe Cthurkey is a Thanksgiving abomination. Call me weak, but I’ve never really been one to experiment with food. When it comes to things I put in my mouth, I pretty much know what I like and stick to that. I would never even consider eating this abomination of Thanksgiving and Internet trends, the Cthurkey. Before I even get into explaining what exactly it is, you can see clearly that it loo... »

16th Century Gothic Chapel or Starry Night?

TweetThis 16th Century chapel became a stunning light show thanks to projection artist Miguel Chevalier. I don’t know about you, but cathedral ceilings are my slow jam. That may very well be the gayest thing I have ever said, but I’m sure you agree with me. At a recent charity event at the University of Cambridge, Paris-based projection artist Miguel Chevalier used his mad digital art skills to li... »

sex myths

Sex Myths to Stop Believing NOW

TweetThese sex myths need to be put to bed, immediately. There are lots of sex myths out there that are too crazy to be believed. I never actually thought I would grow hairy palms if I masturbated, and I’m pretty sure nobody actually believes that you can’t get pregnant at night since the sperm are sleeping. That being said, there are plenty of myths that people still adhere to, such as the idea t... »

presidents as disney villains

The Presidential Candidates are Actually Disney Villains

TweetIs it possible that the presidential candidates are actually Disney Villains? I feel like I have said this before, but I feel like the current presidential elections are a fucking circus. The fact that Donald Trump is even running says a lot about our country, specifically, the middle of it. The fact that Donald Trump is a front-runner for the Republicans says a lot about that party, specific... »

supersonic jets

The Future of Travel: Supersonic Jets in 2023

TweetWe may be traveling on supersonic jets as early as 2023. As anyone who has been married for 5+ years will tell you, faster is better (I’m referring to sex here). According to the bevy of randoms in bathing suits on Instagram, thinner also has significant appeal. Business aviation company Flexjet has combined these two traits, and ordered 20 new supersonic jets that could be zipping around the... »

moschino barbie

A Little Boy in a Moschino Barbie Commercial

TweetThe new commercial for Moschino Barbie features a little boy! Every little gay boy out there is probably seething right now, waiting patiently, just like Kylie Jenner circa 2012, for his moment in the spotlight. The new limited edition Moschino Barbie was recently unveiled, and the commercial for it is totally ‘fierce’, as is the Barbie, according to the little boy they cast. This is the firs... »

zodiac dating

A Breakdown of Dating Each Zodiac Sign

TweetEvery Zodiac sign is different, especially when it comes to dating. Not everybody believes in astrology, but I find it to be a very useful tool. I believe knowledge is power, so every time I start dating another poor, unsuspecting soul, one of the first things I do is check out our compatibility via our astrological charts. Believe it or not, doing this can gain you some helpful insights on h... »

liquid ass

Make Things Smell Horrible with Liquid Ass

TweetLiquid Ass will make any room smell like crap with just a few sprays. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt trapped? You wanted to leave with every fiber of your being, but your sister kept going on about how it was her wedding day, and she could have a total meltdown if she wanted to (just a for instance, of course). If you had some Liquid Ass on you, that crisis could have been a... »

colorful turkey farm

Eat a Rainbow Turkey This Thanksgiving

TweetA rainbow turkey farm in Connecticut dyes birds bright colors every Thanksgiving. I know this photo may look like a gaggle of Easter Peeps coming to life, but these are actual edible turkeys. For the past six decades, Gozzi’s Turkey Farm in Guilford, Connecticut has celebrated by dying live turkeys bright colors and putting them on display (and for sale, of course). READ MORE: Five Highly Ina... »

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