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trump subway stickers

Trump Head Stickers Invade the Subway in NYC

TweetDonald Trump’s campaign for office has made its way into the New York subway system. Unless you have been hiding under a huge rock lately, you must know that in a bid to win the presidency, the Republican party has been taken by none other than Donald Trump. Trump is everywhere, covering our Facebook feeds, our updates, our TV screens, and our radios (for the 3-4 of you out there who still li... »

super mario bros fish tank

A Super Mario Brothers Aquarium

A Super Mario Bros themed fish tank. »

soviet russian airplanes

Flying Fortress Aircrafts in Russia

Huge flying aircrafts in Russia. »

dark chocolate spray tan

Introducing Dark Chocolate Spray Tans

Dark chocolate spray tans. »

doll body part sculptures

These Doll Part Sculptures by Freya Jobbins are Totally Disturbing

TweetDiscover the art of Freya Jobbins, who creates sculptures made of discarded doll parts. I have always been of the mindset that art is subjective, but I am personally most intrigued by art when it is a little disturbing. I think art should push the boundaries of what you think is socially acceptable, so the artwork of Freya Jobbins is right up my alley, since she creates her unusual sculptures... »

forest man

Man Plants an Entire Forest By Himself

A modern day Johnny Appleseed. »


Scary Laws in Dubai that Could Land Travelers in Jail

Reasons not to visit Dubai. »

Rent Boys Were Making Bank at the RNC

Rent Boys Were Making Bank at the RNC

Male hookers are making money at the RNC. »

business cat

What the World Would Look Like if Your Boss Were a Cat

What if your boss were a cat? »

all black rooster

This Rooster is All Black, Inside and Out

An all black chicken. »

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