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botched butt implants

Man Spends Tens of Thousands on a Botched Butt Job

Botched butt implants. »

previously owned by a gay man furniture

Store Only Sells Furniture Previously Owned by Gay Men

Previously owned by a gay man furniture. »

abandoned olympic venues

Ten Super Sad Abandoned Olympic Venues

Abandoned Olympic venues. »

rupaws drag race

Rupaw’s Drag Race: Drag Race for Cats

Cats in drag! »

dismembered barbie jewelry

Would You Wear Dismembered Barbie Jewelry?

Jewelry made from dismembered Barbie dolls. »

illegal homosexuality

Trans Model Makes a Fashion Statement about Homosexuality Being Illegal

TweetHomosexuality is still illegal in 72 countries around the world. Living in the United States, it is easy to forget about a lot of the unjust laws in other countries. We have our share of problems obviously, but we have also made great strides in terms of equality for the LGBT community. We can now get married and adopt children in all 50 states, and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before... »

street meat michelin star

New York Street Vendor Gets a Michelin Star

Street vendor gets a Michelin star. »

Five Things the Naked Trump Statues Resemble

Five Things the Naked Trump Statues Resemble

Five funny things Trump's naked statues resemble. »

pink pistols

The Pink Pistols: A Pro-Gun LGBT Group

TweetThe Pink Pistols group encourages LGBT people to arm themselves. Ever since the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, gay rights, and gun rights have been two hot button issues that everyone seems to be talking about. Before Orlando, these two social issues had never really collided before, but now opinions on both are all over the map. Most LGBT organizations are in favor of stricter gun control law... »

gay monopoly

We Need to Bring Gay Monopoly Back

Bring gay monopoly back! »

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