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Gaultier avril lavigne

The Various Walks of Life at Jean Paul Gaultier A/W 2014

TweetWe have to give Jean Paul Gaultier credit for responding directly to the critics who claim runways lack diversity. From grandmothers, to babies, to aliens, Gaultier really covered all the bases. It’s a good thing he did because the collection itself looks like he may have forgotten Paris Fashion Week is this week and threw something together with haste. Haste, and fabric remnants from T... »

street style Ramya Giangola nyc

8 Examples of Street Style Gone Wrong

TweetIt’s not uncommon to see heinous street style outside of Lincoln Center these days, but we normally don’t expect it from the old pros. The following slideshow showcases several street style icons who missed the mark this time around. They shall remain anonymous to maintain their street (style) cred. Well, all but Anna Dello Russo because she’s allowed a slip-up here and ther... »

moschino fall 2014

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Collection

TweetJeremy Scott must take pity on runway models because he used his Moschino Fall 2014 collection as a vehicle to provide them something of which they have been deprived for the entirety of their careers: food. Not just any food, but greasy, salty, sugary, preservative-laden junk food. It’s hydrogenated oil couture. Jeremy also threw in some pop culture for good measure. Let’s just h... »

Gucci fall 2014

The Most Practical Looks from the Fall Collections

TweetFrom keeping warm to , the Fall 2014 collections showing at fashion weeks across the globe have you covered (literally). We’ll begin with The Row’s Fall 2014 collection, which was essentially a giant caricature of Mary Kate Olsen. It was largely inspired by her, which means it was inspired by the need to wear clothes that hide any and all eating disorders (hence the below image). ... »

figure skating tomato outfits

8 Most Heinous Costume Offenses in 80s Figure Skating

TweetOftentimes, 80s fashion can be cringe-worthy, and ice skating costumes are no exception. These costume designers are deserving of a gold medal in bedazzling, and every outfit you’re about to see will make you sing praise to Tim Gunn for the fact that fashion is cyclical. If this costume action happened at today’s Olympics, there would be even more #SochiProblems than there already... »

johnny weir pink blazer

The Johnny Weir Olympic Look Book

TweetJohnny Weir’s wardrobe is the essence of everything the Sochi Olympics are not: bright, cheerful, glam, put-together, and ultra-tolerant. Personally, my favorite sport of the Olympic games is Weir competing with himself for best outfit. He shares an adjoining hotel room with fellow former skater Tara Lipinski, and some may argue that she has been acting as his stylist. I say it’s ... »

Prabal Gurung - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014

The 3 New Breeds of Fashion Week Attendees

TweetEver since Fashion Week became the new Times Square, the attendees have transitioned from a tasteful and privileged select few, to throngs of try-hards who are one hashtag away from a circus sideshow. Let’s just say it’s less Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and more Kia Fashion Week. Three new breeds of people emerged at New York Fashion Week this time around. They are The Nakeds, The ... »

phonearts whitney houston

10 Masterpieces You Could Be Creating On Your iPhone

TweetWhile we were texting nonsensical emoji compilations, incessantly refreshing our Instagrams, and striving to reach a personal record of ugliest Snapchat selfie, there were people on this planet who were creating MoMA-worthy artistic masterpieces on the very same device on which the ugly Snapchats happened: the mobile phone. Each image is garnered from the mind-blowing tumblr PhoneArts: a coll... »

Russian Street Style is (Surprisingly) Chic

TweetThe street style in Russia is so chic, or shall I say, Sochi-c. All rampant homophobia aside, the citizens of Russia really know how to put together an outfit using all elements needed to lure street style photographers. It’s basically the Olympics of fashion. She’s brightening up the Moscow streets in her own Wizard of Oz-meets-Parsons student way. Is this even allowed there? 200... »

Oprah March 1987

7 Outfits That Will Make You Question Oprah’s Credibility

TweetI love Oprah, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? She may the queen of talk shows, wealth, success, and Lindsay Lohan reality shows, but she gives out fashion faux pas as liberally as she gives out cars and houses. Below is Oprah’s apology face. She’s apologizing for everything you’re about to see. Go ahead and click through the slideshow of her worst outfits if yo... »

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