Ashley Enchants, Ben Goes Long Island

Written by Bryce

It’s not often that I fall in love with cheap sunglasses… but times are changing, and I love Foster Grant’s line of kickass shades.  I’ve been wearing my Swarovski-studded Ferragamos for about a year, and in the economic climate of 2009, it’s just time to go more lowkey.

Ashley has been digging Foster Grant’s “Enchantress” style, which makes perfect sense, because when I think of Ashley I think of all things enchanting. The floral motif is oh-la-la-hipster, and so is Ashley.  They have a gazillion styles you can poke through at, and they’re available at major retailers like RiteAid and Walmart nationwide.

Speaking of undeniable cool, there’s always the case of my cooler-than-any-other-baby son, Ben.  Today was time for his very first mohawk, which was a feat in itself considering he has so little hair.  We used Le Baby to gel him up… it’s chemical-free, fragrance-free, and perfect for kids, babies, and anyone with sensitive skin. It’s 9.95 and worth every dime!

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