Turn Your Home Into A Museum

When it comes to the wonderful world of art, I sometimes tend to fall short. It’s not that the priceless paintings don’t peak my interest, it’s that I need some time to really understand something. I always get the feeling that I’m being rushed when in a museum and that’s always been one of my pet peeves. What if you were able to spend as much time with a priceless work of art as you wanted? It’s possible.

When it comes to the biggest eyesore in your house, the living room probably comes to mind. There’s something about a big hulking TV hanging around that doesn’t really make the place seem like the perfect place to take 30 minutes to yourself a day. If you’ve been keeping up with the times, there’s a solid chance that you either have a Samsung Smart TV, Roku or a Google Chromecast hooked up. If that’s the case, your living room just became your new favorite place.


Instead of having to deal with the eyesore that is whatever sporting event playing on your TV, you can make it your go-to for relaxation. ArtKick is an awesome new extension that allows you to turn your TV into a hub of countless works of art. Who’s your favorite? da Vinci? Van Gogh? Monet? Warhol? Whatever it is, you can have it displayed in HD on your television. All you need to do is download the app, which you can do here. After that, use your smartphone to find some of your favorite works of art and display them on your TV.


This new app is ideal for anyone who loves to entertain, relax or just make a happy home.

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