Art Spotting: Heinze Maier blows bubbles'
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True story: To this day I still take 2 hour baths every single night. When I was a kid, however, my bathing time was spent a lot differently (get your head out the gutter, I now spend the time reading or plotting world domination- bathtub masturbation is for teenagers and poor people who can’t afford their own bedroom). When I was a kid however, there was definitely some degree of bubble blowing and playing with food coloring, thus the possibilities for my bath time adventures were endless. German artist Heinz Maier’s high speed liquid and bubble photography takes me back to that feeling of being a child, and living in a wondrous world of fantasy, color, and the limitless possibilities of water. We live in a world where everything, especially photography (and I say this knowing full well that I am a culprit) has been taken over and dominated by the computer.

The most amazing thing about Maier’s work? Is isn’t digital.

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