Acapulco… Here’s Why I Miss You

Written by Bryce

Mexico is awesome, enough said.

Acapulco is investing millions of US dollars into new infrastructure and attractions like the new multimedia show to accompany the iconic cliff divers at Quebrada. If you haven’t seen the divers or heard about them, all you need to know is that a bunch of nearly naked men fling themselves off insanely high cliffs every afternoon. It’s glorious.

360 days of sunshine. Really, the weather is never bad in Acapulco.

Vintage stylings make for an upscale, old-Hollywood style vacation. Hotels like Boca Chica and Las Brisas embrace their mid-century charm with updated technology and finishes to make you feel like the 21st century version of Audrey Hepburn. Love.

New, ultra-luxe hotels are opening left and right like Banyan Tree and Hotel Encanto. If you’re into over-the-top amenities and a spa-like experience, Banyan Tree is your home away from home. If you want thumping music, colorful lights, and a Euro-trashy scene (and honestly, who doesn’t?) you’ll NEED to have a stay at Hotel Encanto which translates to “love hotel.” You’ll love it, I promise.

MTV hosted Spring Break in Acapulco last year, and MTV wouldn’t go anywhere without wild good times… right?

The wild stuff in the news is unfortunate, but you’ll likely never be in those parts of town, so why not take advantage of discounted hotels in one of the world’s best vacay spots?

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