A Street Art Utopia: The Rainbow Village in Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan'
Written by Gary

This small village in Taichung, Taiwan is completely covered in colorful graffiti and vibrant street art, giving it the appearance of a pan-Asian acid trip on crack.

Taichung, Taiwan

The entire village was hand painted by an 86-year-old veteran of war named Huang Yung-fu, who lives in the community. Taichung was created as a refuge for Nationalist soldiers in the 1940s and 50s, but quickly turned into a raging ghetto. To combat this (no pun intended) Huang began painting 4 years ago. Within the span of two years he had pretty much completed his masterpiece of bright, colorfully painted plants, animals, TV personalities, birds, and buffaloes. The beauty of the murals is a stark contrast to the horrors of war, but Taichung is a perfect example of how someone can turn the ugliest circumstances into something beautiful.

Taichung is now a thriving tourist attraction for Taiwan, all thanks to an 86-year-old man who wanted to leave his mark on the world.

If you find yourself in Taiwan shopping for discrete lady-boys, you might consider stopping by Taichung for a peek at this man’s incredible feat.

Your Instagram will thank you.

Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan

Photos by Steven R. Barringer

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