10 Last Minute Halloween Costumes You’ll Actually Like

Rosie The Riveter
Written by Allison
Our 10 easiest last minute Halloween costume ideas you can pull together in a jiffy

A lot of the last minute halloween costumes we’ve seen are a little, shall we say, less than cute (please, for the love of everything don’t go as the ‘trashy’ version of a police officer, mmmkay?). We’ve totally been there too! On the day of your halloween party realizing you don’t actually have something to wear. But have no fear, we’ve collected the top 10 easy last minute halloween costumes you can put together with stuff you have at home.

Hipster Halloween Makeup

1. Hipster-ise Anything

Grab your glasses and your favorite flannel and you too can be a hipster. To make it into a real costume, base your character off of your flannel color. For example, wear a blue flannel and you can be hipster Cinderella, or a yellow flannel and you can be Belle. The world is your organic free-range oyster.

2. ’80s Workout Queen


We can only dream of the day when going to a party in a sports bra and sweatshirt is acceptable. Until then choose your brightest neons and you’ve got an ’80s costume. First tease your hair as big as you can, then pop on a blindingly bright pink lipstick and you’re costume is done. Use the gif featured above as a guideline for how to dress your date.

3. Kitty Cat


An impromptu cat costume couldn’t be easier. Wear black from head to toe and fish out your favorite black eyeliner. Draw on a thick cat eye flick, a black heart on your nose and little whiskers. Instead of trying to make some sort of DIY cat ear headband, just use your hair. Section off the top of your hair like you would for a half up half down style and make two tiny buns for ears.

Mime Halloween Costume

4. Mime

If you have a striped shirt and red lipstick, you can be a mime. Bonus points if you have a pair of red or black suspenders to go with it. All you have to do to seal the deal on your mime costume is practice the stuck inside of a box bit.

5. Zombify An Old Costume

zombie makeup

If you still have your costume from last halloween sitting around, you can turn it into a new costume with zombie nurse makeup. You can rip holes with abandon, and use up all your corn syrup and red food coloring making fake blood. Finish with some bruised looking makeup and an undead stare.

6. Pop Art Person

If you’ve got a little longer to put on makeup, try a pop art look. You’ll need some bright colors and plenty of black eyeliner. For the eyes apply a bright yellow or bright blue eyeshadow all over your lids and the biggest set of fake lashes you have on hand. For the rest of the makeup, outline your features with the black liner.

Rosie The Riveter

7. Rosie The Riveter

For a Rosie the Riveter costume you will need a denim shirt and a red bandana. Roll up your sleeves past your elbow then tie up all your hair in the bandana. Practice your “we can do it!” in the mirror and you are ready to be Rosie. This is obvi one of the best last minute Halloween costumes because girl power.

8. Ken Bone

America’s favorite (errr, possibly creepy?) undecided voter is the easiest costume yet. Just put on a white button up shirt and a red sweater on top. Finishing touches are a pair of glasses and a penciled on mustache. Be prepared for chatting politics all night long wearing this costume.

9. Scarecrow

If you have a pair of overalls, you can throw together a scarecrow costume. For the makeup, draw on stitch marks around your eyes, nose, and mouth to give the sewn together look. Add a flannel and a floppy straw hat if you have them and you’re good to go.

10. Grayscale Makeup

Go full on Pleasantville with black, white, and gray makeup. Dress up in whatever black and grey clothes you have and stop by the drugstore on your way home for some black and white faceprint. Paint yourself a shade of gray and use the black and white to highlight and contour.

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