native american five genders

Two Gender Roles Didn’t Exist to Native Americans

Native American gender roles.

Yes, you can still buy Caboodles

Yes, you can still buy Caboodles

Let’s not kid ourselves. Sometime around the year 2000 you cleared out your last childhood Caboodle case and opted for some kind of canvas pouch situation. But you’re older, wiser, and more nostalgia-driven now, so you’re obviously ...

persian hercules

Meet the Persian Hercules

A Persian real-life Hercules.

An Open Letter from a Mom of 2 Gay Sons

An Open Letter from a Mom of 2 Gay Sons

My mom is a single mom of four children, including 2 gay sons, and penned this open letter mostly to the moms of the Orlando victims, but also for every mother to a LGBT child in the world. As a single parent of 2 gay sons, my mother was understandably shaken by the tragedy in Orlando, especially because we are from Florida and I used to live in th...

breast cancer survivor swimsuits

Awesome Swimsuits for Breast Cancer Survivors

Swimsuits for breast cancer survivors.